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Alpina Rottefella NNN BC Magnum Binding


Pros: light; complete extension of nordic stride; wide flat base for BOF control

Cons: not as versatile as 75mm binding (no telemark options)

When I say "xcountry" I specifically mean classic kick (stride) and glide skiing. From my experience; the NNNBC Magnum is the best off-trail kick and glide binding available- stable and efficient.  It is perhaps the best simply because it also widely available- with a huge selection of boots to match it.

The SNS X-ADV bindings are very good as well.  Though narrower than the NNNBC- the SNS X-ADV has a longer ridge on the base plate.  The biggest issue I have with the SNS X-ADV is the severe lack of boot options.

On an everyday basis, I am currently using the NNNBC Magnum binding, with Alpina Alaska boots; and off-trail xcountry skis ranging from a 60mm shovel- to a109mm shovel.  

My everyday skiing is over rolling terrain, with only the occasional steep climb and descent.  If I had more vertical in my backyard- I would be on 75mm bindings (I still use 75mm tele bindings/boots in mountainous terrain).  In conclusion; 75mm nordic/telemark bindings are much more versatile than NNNBC.  But- if you do not really need the downhill control that 75mm offers- NNNBC will offer much higher efficiency and performance.

From my experience the NNNBC system is much more efficient at classic kick (stride) and glide than a 75mm binding. The fundamental concept/technique to efficient classic xcountry skiing is the "diagonal stride".  Efficient classic xcountry skiing is about striding (i.e. lunging)- it is not really a "kick" that produces your forward momentum and gliding.  The "kick" is really the product of pushing downwards in order to generate enough grip to lunge/stride and glide forwards on the alternate ski.  Unlike 75mm bindings- the system bindings (e.g. NNNBC) pivot perfectly like a hinge at the toe; allowing complete extension of your foot as you stride and glide.  Once you have experienced this freedom of movement through the stride and glide- it is hard to go back to 75mm!

Although this is technically not a telemark binding; if you mate this binding with a burly, heavy-duty boot; you would be surprised what you can do coming down a hill!

Choose this binding over the automatic binding if you plan on truly skiing off-trail. The auto bindings will ice up off-trail. The auto NNNBC bindings are fine for skiing on broken trails; such as snowmobile trails.

Choose the regular manual NNNBC binding if you are using narrow skis.



Pros: Strong, powerful edging

Cons: Base plate is wide

These are an awesome binding if you like NNN style Backcountry boots. The plate is wide but allows you to apply leverage ith your toebar AND the soles of your NNN BC boot by interfacing with the bootsole.  I have them on Alpina Trackers (64 Shovel) and a set of Alpina Woodies (68 Shovel) and so far love the way they work. Don't ice up like the auto bindings  easy to engage and disengage. You do have to bend down /stoop to lock them but they hold great and on a particularly steep and bumpy path I could edge enough to take it pretty fast. As strong as they are they also kick and glide well. Well with the slight increase over the auto bindings if you have anything over a 60-ish shovel abouve 52 waist..

Alpina Rottefella NNN BC Magnum Binding

The Rottefella NNN BC Magnum binding is designed to control the biggest bushwhacker skis. A massive 67mm contact plate provides the ultimate in ski control. The Magnum's glove friendly manual lever provides total connection security. For serious wilderness Nordic exploring, nothing else comes close.

Recommended UseBig backcountry touring skis
Warranty1 year
MaterialPlastic, steel
Auto Step InNo
Binding TypeNNN BC
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 700005 04, Size: One Size700005 04614932124484
Style: 700005 04, Size: One Size700005 047036372251101
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