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Alpina BC 1550 Backcountry Boot Reviews


Well Constructed boot


Pros: Well built, stiffer burlier

Cons: No lace covering, higher volume

I bought a set of these hoping they would be what I was looking for; a backcountry boot that would be used for both XC centers and backcountry skiing.  They were well built, sturdier with a power cuff. But I could not get a good fit due to them being a high volume boot. Where the Rossignol BC x5 was on the tighter (and better fitting for me) less stiff end ,these seemed better built but were too high volume for me to fit in. The 42's were too tight on the end of my toes and the 44's too big. 43 almost fit but were a bit too volumious. Anyone looking for a size 43?