Afton Alps Reviews

Positive Reviews


Best Skiing in Minnesota


Pros: Tons of Runs, New Chalet, Season Ticket Holders get discounts to Vail, Family Friendly, 5 Chalets

Cons: Slow Chairlifts!!

What a Great Ski Resort right in the twin cities! My kids were there for Skijammers and I decided that I would try a few runs. Great Skiing! The runs are nicely groomed, and steep. They even have moguls, which are rare at Minnesota ski places.  Spend the extra money and minutes to drive out here, you will never want to go back to Buck or Highland again!  The only downside of this place is the chairlifts, which are slow and outdated; but hopefully Vail will be adding in some faster newer quads soon! (Fingers Crossed)

Negative Reviews


Vail really owns this place????


Pros: None

Cons: slow chairs, long lines, no respect for others by the skiers/boarders, all the terrain is the same

Wow, board after 20 minutes of skiing.   Can we get our money back?   Wife and I felt like we were stuck on the same green run all day long even though we moved across the entire place.  Each run skied just like the last, until we reached the end.  My wife said: "Hey Honey, I think we found an easy Blue."  Reality was Afton claimed it was a Black Diamond, what a joke.   20 minutes to wait in line to ski for 20 to 25 seconds coming down terrible terrain.   Food was awful, and we witnessed some of the worst skiing technique wise we have ever seen by Ski Patrol, and Ski Instructors.   If you make the mistake of going here, you will want to...
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Okay... some weirdness


Pros: Lots of runs, nice terrain parks for the very little ones, good service, location to Mpls.

Cons: Parking lot is a mud pit, expensive

Went on 2/8/16. Snow was kind of sticky as it was around 38 degrees. My wife, a very new skier, at first found it a little steep for learning, but then we located the meadows (?) area and all was good. For boarding there is a lot flat land area that is a pain (but when I switched to boarding, I knew this was something I'd have to deal with).    I'm not sure what they're called, but the workers in the blue outfits were great. Near the end, one basically gave a short private lesson to my wife as he was showing us the way back to the main lodge. He also gave us excellent tips for a trip we're about to take that will afford us two days of skiing in Colorado.    If you...
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River bluff skiing, 25 minutes from home


Pros: Close, good instructors, youth racing program

Cons: Small hills, slow lifts

Afton is one of the two ski hills with a legitimate claim to be the best in the Twin Cities area (within 45 minutes or so).  It has more vertical (that's not saying much) than anywhere but Welch Village (which is the other one), and more runs and more acreage than any of the others.  Claimed vertical is 350 feet.   Lift tickets are comparable to other hills in the area.   Season passes are a bit more expensive than at some other places.   Contrary to a previous review, there is a fairly wide range of runs, from narrow and steep(ish), to meandering green runs, to a short mogul run, to a couple of runs with some interesting changes in slope and fall...
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They Brag About the Number of Lifts


Pros: It's a short drive from the Twin Cities

Cons: Skied One Run, You Have Skied Them All, Overcrowded and Overpriced

This place should be called Gaper Alps.  Saw many skiing in Jeans, only 1 person new how to carve turns that I saw skiing, or boarding.  Witnessed multiple instructors that could not perform parallel turns, let alone carved turns.  Ski Patrol, no carving turns, but at least the skis were kept parallel.  Ski Instructors also were teaching lessons, while not wearing helmets.   Lot's of lifts, but the runs all feel the same.  Almost all of the lifts are two person lifts dating back to the 1970's (very, very slow) compared to the faster quads at two areas not that far away, they really suck.  Prices for season passes are insane.  The steepest run,...
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