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Abom Goggle Reviews


Abom goggles have lifted the fog


Pros: No fog, crystal clear lens

Cons: On the large side

I bought these goggles online in advance of a 10 day heli trip in BC. Note I did not participate in the Abom kickstarter campaign (although I was aware of it) so I can't comment on anyone's experience in that regard. What I will say is that the googles totally work! No mater what the conditions or the exertion level, you can clear any fog with a push of a button. While you can leave the anti- fog technology on, I chose to just turn it on when the googles began to fog up. Any fog disappeared very quickly. Any worry of fogging no matter what the condition becomes a thing of the past. Actually it was pretty funny watching my boys regularly clearing their goggles in the chopper! Couple...
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