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4FRNT Skis Turbo Ski


Pros: Floaty , Poppy, All Mountain, tight turning, Crud Pusher, Forgiving

Cons: No cons in these conditions

This is easily a 10 inch day with drifting light snow, the runs are essentially like cat skiing, called "The Road Runs", off trail at my home resort, and then hitch back to the base.  8-10 solid runs untracked, so the best review I could give this ski, since the conditions were absolutely ideal for most skis is to compare it to the Armada JJ in pow on these particular days, because I had the JJ out the day before in essentially the same type of conditions.  The JJ was super floaty and swivelly , not much bad to say about a ski that can save your life in tight trees and vertical. The 4Frnt when you gave to it, or pushed that ski,  and applied some technique and knee power, that Turbo would give back with a kick and rebound into the next set of turns, so essentially more pop than the JJ  IMO. Also at that time I didn't realize the 4Frnt had an early rise tip, for me the tip and tail on this ski , besides the wood and craftsmanship is why it's my top choice so far.  Anyway I scored new Turbos for this season for all mountain and the JJ purchase is on the back burner until the 40 inch dumps. Oh Credit must be given to Ecolounge in Boise Idaho, where I got my demos.


Pros: Stable at speed, float fresh pow, bust through crud

Cons: Lack strong edge hold on groomers, take some getting used to

I am having an absolute blast this season with my Turbos! Coming from an 80mm underfoot to the 108mm 189's took some getting used to, but I am extremely satisfied. This ski can really do it all and be effective in most any terrain. I have taken them out 7 times now in varied conditions.


Things to note about the ski off hand. They have early rise tips and tail that are pretty soft. The rise is not rockered like many powder skis. This seems to help when on groomers and keep the tip chatter down. I also have them detuned with could play into the review.


Early season groomer, icy - Of course not where this ski is going to shine but on the same note, I never really felt like it did poorly either. Takes some getting used to the wide base. With the tip and tail rise they ski much shorter. My best description on how they ski hard pack groomers would be they "drift". You can dig an edge in if need be, but they take a lot of energy to do so. If you need to, they will rotate fairly quickly. By default, they don't hold an edge like a traditional ski, but you can force them to hold or rotate quickly with some added energy.


Fresh powder, first season runs, float - I chose to go with the longest ski in the lineup for 2 reasons, stability and float. The 108 under foot and the length give the ski great float on variable fresh conditions. I don't fear when it comes to first runs on early season terrain. While not as wide as a full powder ski you will still have some resistance when it comes to hitting deep pockets. The soft tips stay up and I have had a perform in anything from 3" to 24" pockets.


Tracked snow and crud - I feel like this is when the ski shines! If you ski resorts, rarely are we getting to make fresh cuts all day. This past weekend I was able to get in about 3 fresh runs in 12" of fresh, then it started to track out. These skis make tracked snow feel new. The soft tips keep the ski lifted and not digging down when you go from pocket to pocket. I have also had days where the top snow was tracked out and windblown. Again they do extremely well with softening the impact but maintaining momentum.


Bumps - I have to admit, I am not an expert bump skier. But, I have been surprised at how well these have helped me improve. It seems the soft tips make it easier. For being longer, they will turn in quick but again, it just takes more effort. 


If bigger turns and straight lines are your preference, Turbos are a blast! They want to be pointed down the mountain and give you the confidence to do so. They make a great single quiver resort ski if your day is spent on steeper terrain and bowls. I can't say that this ski makes a better skier, but it has given me the confidence to ski faster and harder in variable conditions.



Height 6'1

Weight 190

4FRNT Turbo - 189's (mine measure 186mm tip to tip from the top)

Marker Barons

4FRNT Skis Turbo Ski

If your ideal day involves slashing turns in the backcountry and wowing your posse with your mad-spinning skills off natural features, than the 4FRNT Turbo Ski has your name written all over it in the color 'hot rod red'.

Lengths168cm, 175cm, 182cm, 189cm
Dimensions[168cm] 124 / 100 / 116mm; [175, 182cm] 129 / 104 / 121mm; [189cm] 134 / 108 / 126mm
Turn Radius[168cm] 24m; [189cm] 28m
ConstructionQ-45weave sandwich, Deflect ABS sidewall
Core MaterialHI-LITE wood core (Poplar and Beech)
TailEarly Rise
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended UseHigh speeds, big tricks, powder junkies
BaseIsosport Sintered 2000 Base
Weight[Pair - 182cm] 9.2lb (4.08kg)
Warranty1 Year
Integrated Binding SystemNo
Binding Type
Model Year
Recommended Binding
Recommended Level
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: 189cm1011TUR1893838855410913
Size: 182cm1011TUR182
Size: 175cm1011TUR1753838855410890
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