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2016 Nordica Enforcer


Pros: Stability, quick edge to edge, grip, fun

Cons: the base p-tex seems soft, mount point on 185 seems forward

Ok, Im just a beater - but figured I'd give this a go - I don't sell skis or have any financial interest - I find that I like Nordica products and ski their boots


Nordica Enforcer v2.0:


Length Tested: 185

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  133-100-121 and 18.5tr

Camber: Early Rise Tip & Tail w/camber

Binding: FKS 14

Mount point: boot center on the suggested line


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Ajax and Snowmass

Number of Runs: 2 days

Snow Conditions: Full on Spring

Demo or Own: Own


Tester Info:

Age: Old enough that I have to fib on the binding din sheet

Height/Weight: 6'2' and 183

Ski Days/Season: 25-30

Preferred Terrain groomers,off-piste, I'm a 50/50 person


Always like the Nordica Enforcer, Girish too.  In a dreamworld would have had the Enforcer w/ a Bonafide tail.  Wide flat was great on groomers but was a little troublesome for me sometimes off-piste.


Bought a pair of the new ones based on reviews, mounted them up and headed to ASE.  Skied first at Ajax and then Snowmass (was staying in town).  Let me first say that I have been skiing the Cochise mostly all season with a handful of days on the Double Helix - so that is my frame of reference.


These are noticeably lighter than the Cochise or old Enforcer for that matter.

Softer too - but nice medium flex

Mount point is more "centered"


Very smooth and quick edge to edge, short radius slalom and long radius GS turns are no problem and ski does what you tell it.  Figured with the mount point and kind of "new school" shape, you would want to ski this thing more "centered" - and you can, but it doesn't really exhibit any "old Enforcer" tendencies until you get into the cuff on the boot and bend the ski a bit, and then it gets FUN.


It does have a kind of weird 2 personality thing going though - it "skis short" if you don't pressure those cuffs ie. a heel pusher - however, once you start driving it - in seemingly gets "longer" and skis its length.


Spent the first part of the AM lapping some groomers waiting for the reef to thaw.  Then just kind of went where ever.  I did find that I needed to detune the tips back to the contact point - they were a little grabby for me in the bumps.  I should have maybe done the tails too. I noticed that these were "different" than my Cochise skis in the off-piste.  just a bit more precise and I am guessing this has to do with the tune on them.  Let me explain,  I can dive into almost anything on those Blizzards and break them loose, if needed, like anywhere.  They are really "pivoty" too.  The Enforcers wanted to lock into a turn off-piste and sometimes it was hard to break it loose and pivot the other direction.  This could also have to do with the conditions, grippy, manky slush.  I think also, for me, it has to do with the amount of tail behind the binding - these are mounted more forward than my more traditional Cochise and "old" Enforcers (v2.0 in the center - all 3 are 185's) - I kept getting hung up and it was "different" behind the boot.


Didn't really get to test its crud busting ability (originals sweet spot), but it will slay some slush. :)





Overall just fun

Nice, fairly damp, metal laminate ski

Better for skiers that like to drive their boot cuffs

Easy to lay over and engage the length of ski in the turn

Never wished for anything longer - very stable going fast.

Quick - man, this thing will turn

I thought it was pretty light for a ski with 2 sheets of metal (unscientific "how heavy to they feel dangling on the lift" method)



Seems like Nordica might have used the "old" Blizzard soft p-tex - some really bad gouges on 2 days of skiing

Tail just seems..well...long.  There, I said it, at the recommended line

For me - id rather ski 1,000 vertical ft of bumps on my Cochise than the Enforcers v2.0 - again, could have been the out of the wrapper tune - might just need to ski better, might just need less manky snow.



Pros: Stability, Maneuverable, Versatile, Edge Grip

Cons: The only real con here, is that these skis will never be #1 in any given category- they're too versatile to be #1 in any one area.

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Sneak Peek: A Review of the New 2016 Nordica Enforcer Skis

Sneak Peek: A Review of the New 2016 Nordica Enforcer Skis

That’s right, the Nordica Enforcer is back by popular demand for 2016! Reviving one of their most popular skis, Nordica has brought the all-new Enforcer skis into the modern age of ski design, adding some new features that might look very familiar to you. Take for example the inclusion of Nordica’s Hammerhead tip design- a profile that’s featured on the popular Patron skis.

I had the opportunity to ski the new Nordica Enforcer Prototype skis on a Saturday morning at Stowe Mountain Resort before heading into the office. I found myself pleasantly surprised. Not only by the 6-10” that fell overnight, but more importantly by the performance of the new Nordica Enforcer skis. For a ski with 2 sheets of Titanium embedded into the top sheet, these skis are surprisingly lively, quick and maneuverable. I tested the 185cm length which has a side cut profile of 134-100-124mm, and a turn radius of 18.5m. I normally choose skis in the upper 170’s to 180cm in length, so I was a bit concerned about skiing on a 185cm, especially with the two sheets of metal. Ultimately though, I became very impressed with the ease of use, liveliness and maneuverability. I tested the skis in everything from chopped up off-piste terrain, to the bumps, and of course on groomed terrain as well. I found that the new 2016 Nordica Enforcers handled all of it very well, even better then the original Nordica Enforcers.

As far as construction goes, the 2016 Nordica Enforcer uses Nordica’s Energy 2 Titanium construction with the ever so popular Powder CamROCK design for effortless float, turn initiation, and maneuverability all over the mountain. For those unfamiliar, Powder CamROCK is Nordica’s rocker profile that features Rocker in the tip, camber underfoot, and then some, but not a lot, of rocker in the tail of the ski. I really can’t say enough about how surprised I was by the performance of the new Nordica Enforcers, knowing they have 2 layers of titanium. In my experience, most skis that have titanium in the construction are not very maneuverable or easy to turn- they usually require a bit more work if you will. But that’s not the case with the new 2016 Nordica Enforcer skis. It’s actually kind of embarrassing, but I didn’t even realize the skis included 2 sheets of titanium until I began my research to write this review. Honestly it’s an unbelievably forgiving and fun performance from a ski that’s equipped with the metal necessary for the super firm conditions.

Sneak Peek: A Review of the New 2016 Nordica Enforcer Skis

If I had to, I would be very confident grabbing a pair of these skis to use as my one ski quiver. They offer everything you need for any terrain and snow condition! You have camber underfoot, titanium, rocker design, and the ideal waist width to charge the entire mountain.

All in all, the new Enforcer is a pretty damn smooth ski. If you are an aggressive all-mountain skier who takes pride in making super smooth, powerful turns that flow with the mountain, then you need to give the all new 2016 Nordica Enforcer a try before your next purchase!

Posted by Mike on 3/11/15

2016 Nordica Enforcer

The 2016 Nordica Enforcer is a re-incarnation of one of Nordica's most popular models from the past. With new updates that reflect the growth in ski technology, the Nordica Enforcer is back and bolder than ever for 2016!

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