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2016 Fischer Ranger 98 Ti


Pros: Stable, predictable, easy going, solid on edge

Cons: None so far

I have mine mounted up with a Fritschi Vipec Black touring binding since I bought them to be my touring ski.  I have a two year old Volkl Nanuq with the same bindings that was going to be my touring set up, but I've never been comfortable on the Volkl.  Last year I toured on a Blizzard Kabookie with a Marker F12 binding.  Loved the skis, liked the binding, but the whole package was too heavy for longer tours.  The Ranger 98Ti seems to solve my problem of wanting light weight but not wanting to give up performance.  I only have a couple of eastern resort days on them but I am confident in how they ski and know that if they remain stable on hard and fast conditions, that they will be fine in the kinds of variable conditions that you encounter touring. 

Coming off an 88mm waisted Blizzard Brahma (which is my daily driver here in VT) they felt slow to edge at first, but about a run and a half took care of that.  They were in the same range of comfort and stability as the Brahma.  I found the base and edge well finished out of the wrapper. Set the base bevel at 1 degree and the side edge at 3 degrees.  I normally ski the side edges a 2 degrees, but went with the Fischer factory spec of 3 and really like the way they work.

I can't comment on durability at this point, but I'm not hard on equipment so it's not really a concern of mine.

I had a large store credit at the local shop, so they ended up being a very good value.  The street $599 price looks good compared to other skis in the same category.  I was looking at the Blizzard Zero G 95, but I keep getting feedback that they were very light with great edge hold but were stiff and less forgiving.  Maybe this is not correct, but it did make me look around and find the Fischer's which were definitely not on my radar.  The fact that the shop had them in stock and I had the store credit made it an easy sale all the way around.  I'm not really a value shopper when it comes to skis, it just worked out that way.  If I was convinced that the Blizzards were better, I would have paid the price.

I'll update this as I go along, but as of right now, I'm a very happy camper.  I'm touring for a week in Austria in March followed by 10 days of resort skiing.  I was thinking that I'd need to bring two pairs of skis, but I'll just go with the Rangers.   

I can see folks buying this as a one quiver ski east or west, with a bias to the west, and mounting with everything from a full on alpine binding to a frame tour binding for off piste and shorter tours depending on their needs.  The combination of light weight and a level of performance that's well beyond what is found in a lightweight ski is their strongest attribute.

Ski size is 180cm.  I'm 6'. My weight is 180lbs.  Boots are Scarpa Maestrale RS.  I tour with the stock Scarpa/Intuition liner.  I have custom foamed alpine liners that I use for resort skiing. 

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2016 Fischer Ranger 98 Ti

Powder, trees, wild lines, and steep slopes are where it's at! True rangers expect different things from their equipment – when climbing and skiing downhill. The new Carbon Tip and Aeroshape technology give the Rangers torsional stiffness while allowing them to remain exceptionally lightweight. The added titanal underfoot allows for endless binding possibilities, while the modern shape gives you an incredibly versatile ski. The all NEW Ranger series guarantees absolute freedom on the mountain! The ideal free ride tool for all conditions, East to West. The Ranger 98 Ti offers easy manoeuvrability is every situation thanks to the light weight but stable construction.

Lengths172, 180, 188
Turn Radius18M@180cm
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core MaterialCarbon Nose, Air Tec Ti, Aeroshape
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended BindingAttack or Adrenalin 13
Recommended useOff-piste
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2016
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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