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2015 Rossignol Experience 100


Pros: Carve anywhere, no speed limit, pop and power, very versatile , smooth ride

Cons: It took Rossi another 40 years to top the ugliness of the Rossi Strato 102's but in this ski, they managed. A lot of lumber on your feet, Heavy

Right up front, it's the plug ugliest ski I have had on my feet since the 1960's so why oh why does it have to be so damned good that I want to own it. I am not usually critical of looks but it reminds me of picking up a date for a prom in a UPS truck.  Sammy same color scheme. Both pairs that I demoed weighed enough they needed wheels or a caddy to take them out to the slopes but enough on the sins of Rossi.

Me   Age 60,  level 9 Finesse type skier 55 years on skis. 5' 9"  (175 cm)  190lbs (86 kg)

Terrain Western blue and black diamond trash

Conditions  Rock hard of piste coral, tight bumps, trees, spring mashed potatoes, grabby snow and piles of corn snow.(if it resembles snow its fantastic)

Lengths demoed 182cm and 190cm  DIN setting 6.5 on 305mm sole (Rossi Pro 130 Fast trak) boots.


Given the graphics, I was expecting this ski to impress me about as much as a wrung out UPS truck with bad brakes. A big fat ugly ski that even at 182cm seemed to stick out into the middle of next week like the hood of a 65 Cadillac.  I was less than enthusiastic between the shop and the slopes.  What happened after that lit a fire under me. Right from the first pushoff to skate to the lift this ski felt fantastic. Wow, first run and open steep bowl full of cruddy mashed potato bumps. The ride on these skis is stable and smooth.  Very confidence inspiring with no apparent speed limit.  I basically ignored most of the chop and many of the bumps and just skied the whole run in medium radius turns.  In some places I was sure I would bury the tips into something that was going to stop me only the be rewarded with rebound.   I found I could pretty much carve this ski with impunity everywhere on the mountain through any snow condition.  The E 100's are surprisingly versatile and quick edge to edge for such a large ski. 


I tried them in the trees and liked them in the trees,  I tried them is some blue bumps  made by kids on 100 cm skis that were very tight with my E88's,  I found them easier on the E100's so I gave them the ultimate test.  First thing in the next morning was black diamond refrozen cruddy bumps solid ice. 800 vertical feet of them with no bail points.  What a hoot, I was dumb enough to do it three times before deciding my luck just might be up on the next run.


I tried the 190cm ski, the longest that they make.  The 190cm was definitely more ski than I needed.  Usually I can carve deeply into the very first turn but with the 190cm I could not easily bend the inside ski enough without more speed.  Stability was unbelievable. I could carve medium radius turns over bump runs without taking too much of a beating. The speed I could go with this skis and still feel confident was off the charts but my conscious was telling me that I was skiing with Stu and Pid, two characters that have gotten me into trouble in the past.   I suspect a strong skier well north of 200lbs would like the 190cm skis very much. They reminded me of a big long travel downhill bike. Something at my age I should leave alone.  All to easy to utter the words "Hey guys watch this".


Now for the question,  these skis are probably not suitable for an intermediate to advanced skier as they very stiff and tend to punish inefficient mistakes.

I will be buying a pair of these E100's in the 182cm length.  I think I can improve the graphics with a medium nap roller and some interior pastel flat latex paint. Thumbs Up

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2015 Rossignol Experience 100

EXPERIENCE the new benchmark in all-mountain performance. Award-winning Air Tip technology, new waist widths, and a longer, more progressive tip profile deliver elevated performance and uncompromising on and off-trail versatility. Auto Turn Rocker blends powerful edge grip with effortless maneuverability and speed control, while patented Air Tip technology enhances floatation and control even further, keeping tips afloat in variable snow and providing instant turn initiation. No matter where you ski - from the back bowls to frontside bumps and the hardpack in-between, the entire mountain awaits. EXPERIENCE MORE on the ultimate one-ski-quiver. Auto Turn Rocker: More versatile, easier skiing in the broadest range of snow and terrain conditions 70% traditional high camber underfoot 30% low rocker at the tip and tail Power, energy, and edge-grip on groomed snow Easier steering, carved turning, and speed control Air Tip: • Concentrates ski mass underfoot and reduces swing weight • Allows tips to rise above snow surface for truly effortless floatation • Ultra-lightweight for enhanced maneuverability

Lengths166, 174, 182, 190
Turn Radius18M @ 182cm
Core MaterialPoplar/Titinal
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended BindingAxial 120
Recommended useOff-piste
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2015
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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