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2014 Volkl One Ski


So I decided to write this review because this ski deserves some attention.  ME:  6'1" 220 lbs, advanced, not expert skier, aggressive skier, don't love deep bumps, I'm in utah - ski alta, brighton, deer valley.  My quiver:  Elan Amphibio 88xti, Rossignol sickle 186, Blizzard Cochise 185, Blizzard Peacemaker 185.  I liked the graphics and color, thought it looked "cool" - thats how it got my attention.  Thought it looked "fun" - based on ski shape, rev camber, tapered tips, and radius, etc.  Then I rode it.... WOW!  The day was 3-4 inches of new snow with soft groomers and 18-24 inch powder stashes throughout the mountain.  On to the review...


I rode the 186 length - mounted at boot center.


POW:  Hands down THE funnest pow ski I've ever been on.  Certainly everyone has individual preferences, but for me, it was just awesome.  One of those skis that just makes you smile.  Super-slashy, never fought the ski, never fought a tip or tail "grab", super-intuitive.  Incredibly supportive and gentle on landings - meaning you could land off balance, on a tip or tail and it would just softly nudge you back into a balanced stance.  Tail was just stiff enough but not too stiff like a cochise can occasionally be.  Far more flotation than I would have thought possible from a 116 width ski - the tips aren't that wide either.   And I'm a big guy! I'm sure the 196 volkl two would be awesome for heli-skiing, but for typical resort pow - it was incredible!  Buttery and smooth in all conditions - even more than my Rossi Sickles, which are pretty buttery. 


VARIABLE SNOW:  This surprised me.  While fun in pow was expected, this ski smoothed out rough conditions FAR better than I imagined they would.  You would just float over rough areas, no tossing or throwing you around.  Again, very intuitive.  Not a cochise, but pretty damn good for a "pow" ski.  


GROOMERS:  At least for soft groomers, these things just railed!  I thought I'd be just spinning with the rev camber, but the rocker is just low enough that when you're on edge, a relatively significant part of the ski is engaged and it was pretty solid.  No tip flapping.  The radius - at 27 m - felt spot on, and could be altered to what felt like a 16 m turn.  No nervousness or squirminess.  Stability was solid at high speeds.  Fun, fun, fun!  I'm sure they would suck on ice.


CONS:  Ice, duh... Maybe 3 feet of pow?... gosh not much...


OVERALL:  When all is said and done, and everybody tosses into the ring their ski preferences, opinions, etc... skiing should be about having fun.  And I've probably never had more pure skiing "fun" than I did on the volkl ones... kudos, volkl, kudos! (don't change a thing - except get MARKER to make some matching bindings).   And in the end, I bought a pair.  All smiles - that is why I ski. 


Pros: Surfy, smeary, slarvy, floaty fun in soft snow.

Cons: While better than early powder skis in other snow conditions, still happiest in soft snow.

The Volkl One is a new direction in powder skis for Volkl, putting a premium on new-school playfulness. It proves you don't need to be over 120 mm underfoot to be a top-tier powder ski with the right shape and flex. Here's our on-the-snow review, narrated by the one-and-only SierraJim:


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2014 Volkl One Ski

A powder ski for easy, drifty turns, the new Völkl One is a brand new model for skiers who want to excel in both deep and variable snow conditions. The early taper in the tip and tail allow the ski to instantly maneuver in any direction at any time. ELP Full Rocker design allows a slightly stiffer flex than other skis in this category, for added stability.

Lengths156, 166, 176, 186
Turn Radius23.5M @ 176
Constructionfull rocker
Core MaterialSensorwood, Carbon
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Binding
Recommended usePowder
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2014
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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