2014 Scott Crus Air Ski Reviews


Perfectly balanced Touring Ski that can do everything else, too.


Pros: A no-brainer. Precise, forgiving, stable.

Cons: A tad much sidecut?

Bought these more or less on impulse, having been a K2 guy for years. Liked these Skis immediately. No getting-used-to period, perfectly balanced, you basically forget about them when skiing. First skied them for two days in a resort where they left nothing to be desired on spring groomers and some steep couloirs, except maybe some edge hold on the iciest bits at high speed. They simply are not Touring and slalom race skis at the same time. Later in the Season they worked perfeclty in highly variable alpine spring touring conditions. Wind blown summit snow, 40+ deg chutes, brutal breakable and any type of corn an mank. In April, I chose these for a 2 week touring trip to northern norway....
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