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2014 Rossignol Super 7 Ski


Pros: SUPER easy to turn and maneuver in all conditions I encountered.

Cons: They will spin your turn out and give you a ride if you get in the back seat.

I just finished 7 days of heli skiing with Canadian Mountain Holidays at their Gothics lodge. Based on what I brought with me, Salomon Rocker2 -115's @ 189 cms, their shop tech recommended I try these. These skied almost effortlessly in the cold snow blower pow. Avalanche conditions were such that we skied one line called Clementine that hadn't been skied for 10 years. It was a beautiful steep alpine bowl which funneled down into a real rodeo -- a 50 degree slope crowded with large trees. This slope had to be carefully side slipped to escape to more open terrain. The Super 7's performed well here as well.


I will be buying a pair of these very soon and fit them out with the Salomon Guardian binding. Compatible with my existing skins, this will be my new touring set up. 


I give these skis 5 out of 5 for powder skiing. They also handled wind affected snow quite well.


Regards, Bonzo


Pros: Quick, stable in crud, holds a nice carve on packed western groomers

Cons: Maybe a tad short for larger skiers?

Demo'd the new Super 7 in 188 in Vail on 12/8/2013.  Resort had reported 4" but skied like more in places, empty due to cold, and free wind refills on some aspects.


I need to admit - I demo'd the older Super 7 version last year and could not get off of it fast enough.  I think where they put my boot center was incorrect - one of those "on-mountain" things - felt sluggish, heavy and anything but fun.


Fast forward to the new Super 7 - it is the polar opposite, quick, light and a blast.  Same technology as the Soul 7 (AirTip) and a redesigned tail - less rocker.


the Super 7 felt like it could handle a variety of skiing styles  - a more centered, "turny/bouncy" style or ust letting them run with big GS turns down the fall line - didnt seem to favor one over the other.  These skis also smear very well, in fact, I found myself skiing along the edges of the trails and throwing them sideways on the piles of snow - super fun and big smiles.  Early morning runs around Chair (Avanti, Cookshack and Pickaroon) nice low moisture powder = really fun.  I felt a little heistant to drive these out of the gates, thought the "0" mount and my size would bury the tip - but after a couple of runs that was a none issue.


Chair 4 was down for much of the AM, so we missed the early "fun" on Chair 11.  When we got to Northstar it was pretty beat down - no problem - the Super 7's blasted right through the piles - just put it on edge and let it go.


There were a couple of places that the mountain had actually had groomed late and the snow had not accumulated - the Super 7's were just fine and actually hold a nice arc if you get them up on the edge - certainly more than the previous incarnation - IMHO.


Looking at them - you would not doubt that they would be good in fresh, but the biggest surprises were how well handled the beaten down crud and ability to arc a turn  - enough that my Cochise's will be looking for a new home.


I think when I mount them I might go back 1cm from "0" - but want to try that w/ demo bindings first.  At "0" you can really get the shovel in engaged in the turns  on western hardpack - would not want to lose that characteristic.


BTW - I am 6'2" and 190lbs.

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2014 Rossignol Super 7 Ski

The future of freeride is here. A revolutionary fusion of backcountry, freestyle and freeride performance. Featuring new athlete driven innovation and design, the Super 7 encourages all skier types to push the boundaries and leave their mark. Powder Turn Rocker has been redesigned for even more effortless floatation, fatigue free steering and all mountain versatility. Patented new Air Tip technology reduces swing weight for incredibly lightweight feel. A new ultra lightweight core reduces ski weight by 20% for enhanced agility and easier touring. Whether charging big mountain terrain, surfing through secret glades, or touring backcountry stashes, this is the future.

Lengths164, 172, 180, 188
Turn Radius20.8M @ 180
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core MaterialPaulownia/Diago
Binding SystemNone
Recommended BindingFKS 140 XXL
Recommended usePowder
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelExpert
Model Year2014
Binding Included
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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