2014 Rossignol FKS 180 XXL Binding Reviews


18 DIN of turntable goodness with a 115mm brake


Pros: Powerful and efficient design

Cons: No interchangeable brakes

Review: The FKS 180 is one of the most popular binding amongst freeriders and park skier for many reasons. The all metal single pivot toe has a tremendous amount of elasticity (40mm) and the design incorporates 180* of release from the toe. The wide AFD allows a solid platform between the boot and the ski. It is the FKS style heel that differentiates the FKS from traditional binding designs. The FKS with it's 3 point contact gives a solid interface from the boot to the ski but for me it is the short mount distance that makes the FKS design one of the best feeling bindings on the market. The short mount distance allows the ski to flex naturally under the boot, the design also lowers...
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