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2014 POC Receptor Backcountry Helmet


Pros: MIPS, audio, looks pretty cool, comfortable and warm, EPP

Cons: Lousy goggle clip, removable vents

I love this helmet.  I used it all last season.   After a very serious hiking TBI, I spent a huge amount of time over-analyzing helmets.  Since I want to continue skiing the remainder of my life, I wanted the best I could find.  Given the materials, multiple layers, EPP, shearing pin I felt pretty comfortable with this purchase.  Indeed I had to break the piggy bank, but I spent it on the helmet rather than new skis.


It is quite comfortable and easy to put on and off.  The neck strap is quite comfortable.  I bought white and it's already scuffed up, but I knew that going into this.  I'm not the most gentle on my equipment.  It's pretty warm even on the coldest days here in the east.   I've skied in the rain with no problems.


The ventilation system is unique.  Those black "spots" you see on top are actually immoveable vents with lateral openings.  The removable vent plugs inside are offset from these, so you don't have a clear shot from the sky to your noggin.  Not only is it a good deflector, but when you take dives into the snow, as I occasionally do, your helmet vent holes are not all plugged up with snow.  I do wish however it had a ventilation lever like the Giro G9 does.  I am an extremely hot head, so even on the coldest days, I'm releasing steam after a run, so much so  I often take my helmet off when I'm on the lift.


Communications Neck Roll

My last helmet was a Giro with skull daddy in it, so I was going through tunes withdrawal this past season.   At last week's "Black Friday" sale I found the neck roll on sale for $80.   While still not cheap,  it was a far cry from the original 120.  In the house the tunes sound great.  I'm using it right now on my iPod and plan to put it into my apple shuffle (a great iTunes player, without the worry of damage or theft.).   I really like the inline controls in the included cable.  mute, pause, volume, fast forward and reverse are much easier to use than fiddling for the skull daddy inline rotary control that left me with frayed wires and no way to fix it.


The downside to the neckroll is that the fit is really tight.  I have a perfectly fitting helmet, which means no wobble.  The neckroll pads are pressing quite a bit against my ears.  Not uncomfortable, just a pressure beyond necessary.  I am hopeful that with many hours on the slopes it will compress a wee bit.  Take care when selecting the Neck Roll.  POC had been making it with "beats by dr. dre" which is what I have.  It's my understanding they have transitioned to Skull Daddy.

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2014 POC Receptor Backcountry Helmet

Addressing advanced free skiers riding in exposed environments, POC has taken safety to a whole other level developing Receptor Backcountry. Based on the Receptor + shell and core, with its multi- impact EPP liner and Aramid Penetration Barrier, it also features the MIPS® technology that allows the helmet to absorb rotational forces. This breakthrough technology allows the liner and outer shell to rotate in relation to each other which reduces the stress on the brain when crashing at speed, ultimately resulting in a safer helmet than ever before. MIPS Short for Multi-directional Impact Protection System, the MIPS system protects the brain from rotational forces that often occur in oblique impacts. A normal helmet is created to absorb shocks by compression very efficiently, but is not as good at the rotational forces. The MIPS system absorbs these forces by allowing a small rotation of the outer shell around the inner helmet in case of an impact. 1 Ventilated double shell system 2 Multi-impact EPP liner 3 Aramid Penetration Barrier 4 MIPS system 5 Recco avalanche rescue system 6 Detachable ear pads and neck roll 7 Compatible with the Communication Neckroll with powerful Beats by DreTM speakers and microphone 08 Goggle clip included

MaterialMulti-impact EPP liner
VentilationDouble Shell Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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