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2014 K2 AMP Rictor 82XTI Skis


Pros: Effortless turns, floats over crud and powder, handles ice well.

Cons: My son doesn't like the graphics.

First about me: 59 yr. old, 160# 5'6", probably around level 7 skier (see http://www.vail.com/ski-and-snowboard-school/assess-your-ability-level.aspx#79#Top).


I've been skiing 6-10 times a year (expect to get around 15 or so days now that semi-retired) for around 27 years, with the last 13 on Fischer 102ICE skis. Time to replace them and have done three demo-days at local mountains. I was looking for a ski that would perform well on hard-pack and the frequent icy spots we get here in New England as well as to make its way through the occasional powder and (more-than-occasional) afternoon crud. I was also looking for a ski that would allow me to move over the moguls that build up rather than bogging down in them as Fischers tended to do.


Among the skis I tried were Volkl RTM77, 81, 84, Volkl Code EVO, Nordica Steadfast, K2 AMP Rictor 82xti and 90xti, Volkl Kendo. (Probably others that I've forgotten.) I ruled out the Nordicas immediately as I didn't feel I could control them on the hard-pack.


Among these, I liked the K2 82xti best. They were easy to carve and bit into the ice and hard pack very well. Turning seemed to require no physical effort - just think "turn" and they'd do that. (Do they have a neural interface?) As for afternoon "tracked powder" conditions, these skis went over the snow more than digging into them as well as any of the others demo'd except for the wider Volkls (84, Kendo) and far better than my hard-pack favorite Volkl Code EVO). (I loved the EVOs on the hard-pack and ice but not on the "real" snow.)


I bought the 82xtis in 170cm size and skied them this week at Cannon Mountain in New Hampshire. Cannon is known for its windy conditions and this day was no exception. Snow-blowing was in effect on a large part of the mountain so there were significant piles of freshly made snow although on the edges of some of the trails, ice from our recent melt/heavy rain/refreeze remained exposed. Weather was cold, never getting above 15 at the base and probably 5 at the summit so nothing that wasn't fresh softened up during the day.


The new skis were excellent in the powder, allowing me to float over it in a way I've never been able to do with my old skis. (That's not surprising because the old ones had a 63mm waist and 102mm tip while the 82xti has 82mm waist and 127mm at the tip.) By "powder", I mean freshly-made snow of up to around 8" depth. Not sure how well they'd perform on those high-mountain natural powder days but we don't get much of that here.


Please excuse the verbosity of this review (my first) but suffice it to say that these are the all-mountain ski for me. I feel confident on all front-side conditions and think I may start moving into more aggressive conditions (moguls and glades) that I couldn't do before.


Only reason I didn't give these a 5-star rating is that there are better skis for true powder skiing.

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2014 K2 AMP Rictor 82XTI Skis

The legacy continues with an all-new Rictor built on a more versatile and wider-waisted all mountain ski chassis complete with top shelf performance, unmatched edge hold, and unrivaled control.

Lengths163, 170, 177, 184
Turn Radius17M @ 177
Core MaterialMetal Laminate Wood
Binding SystemXTI
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Binding
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2014
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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