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2014 Head i.Supershape Rally Ski


Pros: High performance, good edge hold, easy for an expert to ski. Makes any shape turn you want.

Cons: None for the purpose intended.

My background is 6'1", 188 lbs., former racer, teacher, coach but in mid 70s and prefer to ski fast.  Ski a lot in the upper Midwest and NE on hard pack/groomed snow and bought these skis for that purpose in a 177cm length of more stability in medium and long radius turns.  Very pleased with their performance.  Also, no trouble making shorter radius turns with the longer length.  Overall impression was of a high performance carving ski with plenty of energy if you skied hard but really easy to ski if you didn't.  Love them but will use my Dynastar Outland 87s for powder/crud days.  No ski satisfies all conditions which provides the rationale for owning more than one pair of skis.


Pros: Smooth, precise, no surprises, stable, maneuverable, high energy fun

Cons: It is what it is...a superb groomer ski, not an all mountain ski. This isn't a con, just a clarification.

I rented and skied these for six days at Solden, Austria.  Wow, fun.  The only ski I've been able to carve a 180° arc.  The snow ranged from soft pack to firm to ice.  This ski was under me, reliable, fun, no worries for every turn.  I'm 6', 190#, very good skier, and the 170 cm length was just right.  I'd buy them if I didn't already have their brother, the Head Icon TT800.


Pros: A steal of a deal at this price point

Cons: None that I can think of. Maybe that it will take a while to get the permagrin off your face?


Head has done a stellar job with the evolution of the Magnum collection especially on the wider end of the series and for the discussion here, specifically with new for 2014 Supershape Rally. 


Initial impressions: The Rally fits neatly in between the familiar Magnum and the redesigned Titan (which grew to 80mm underfoot). The Rally, at an advertised 76mm underfoot (the 177 is 77mm)  has a turn radius in the mid 13-14 meter range. This is a completely new ski for Head for this season and by golly, they did their homework with it. First, the binding system for this whole series has been revamped, the Powerrail Pro system is lower, easier to adjust and more responsive. Visually, the Magnums have changed for 2014, where they used to be white with the accent of color to help differentiate the models, for this year they are now matte black with the same color accents (Speed-Yellow, Magnum-Green, Titan-Blue and and now Rally-Red) with a very rich textured finish. Head recently has brought their innovative KERS technology to the Supershape series and can be felt when the Rally is skied hard. The KERS has the capacity to load up and store Kenetic energy in the tail making the Supershapes extremely responsive across the fall line when skied hard but not at the cost of low to medium speed turns. The ERA 3.0s shape with 10% rocker and 90% camber also adds to the equation of the skis versatile feel. 


On the snow: The Rally was extremely responsive in a multitude of turn shapes and speeds, I had no problem changing from a short radius turn to a medium and back again with absolutely no resistance from the ski..only smiles.  I really appreciated the skis ability to make almost any turn at any speed, an attribute that is difficult to find on a ski with the high end capacity of the Rally. I am not sure I have been on a hard snow ski that is as versatile as the Rally is. Last year during my initial on snow test, I was able to take it through a mogul field, and I was impressed with the compliancy of the Rally, where most hard snow specific skis get hung up in either the tip or tail (or sometimes both), the Rally, with it’s touch of early rise in the tip, just snaked through the moguls with ease


Overall: After spending a few early season days on the Rally this year, my feelings have not changed from my initial ones but they have have become more solidified. I would recommend the Rally to any instructor that was going for their level II or III along with anyone who is looking for a ski for the hard snow end of a two or three ski quiver. Please stay tuned for my additions to this review after I get a few more days on them. For those in the Tahoe region who would like to demo/test these, please let me know and we can make some arrangements. 



Length Tested: 177

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  131/77/109 14.8M

Camber: Early Rise Tip w/ camber

Tune: 1*/3*

Binding: Head (Tyrolia) PDX12

Mount point: Suggested 



Other Skis in Class:

* Dynastar Course Pro

* Stockli Laser SX

* Rossignol Pursuit 80

* Kastle MX78


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Northstar

Number of Runs: Sufficient..but want more

Snow Conditions: Packed Powder/Groomers

Demo or Own: Demo/Test 


Tester Info:

Username: Philpug

Age: 50 (just)

Height/Weight: 5’10” 190lb.

Ski Days/Season: 60+

Years Skiing: 37

Aggressiveness:  Moderate(Finesse) 

Current Quiver/test fleet: 

Head Rally 177 w/Head PDX

Blizzard Brahma 180 w/Look Pivot 14

Scott The Ski 175 w/Look Pivot 15

K2 Amp Rictor 90 w/ Salomon Sth2 

Blizzard Bonafide w/Salomon Sth2 

Nordica Vagabond w/Salomon Sth2 

K2 Annex 108 W/Salomon Sth2

Nordica Patron (yet to be mounted)

Home Area: Squalpine/Northstar

Preferred Terrain:  groomers, bumps, off-piste, trees

2014 Head i.Supershape Rally Ski

Caution: If you have the skills, we have the ski. A weapon made for those who like it fast. The new iSupershape Rally is armed with KERS, Race structured UHM C base, Worldcup Sandwich Construction and our latest trick ERA 3.0S.

Lengths149, 156, 163, 170, 177
Turn Radius13.6M @ 170
Core MaterialWood laminate
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended BindingHead PRX 12
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2014
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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