2014 Blizzard Dakota Woman Ski Reviews


Dakota Act 2


Pros: Super fun on challenging terrain

Cons: Doesn't respond well when you don't show up to ski

Pros: Easy to ski in challenging terrain Cons: Doesn't respond well when you don't show up to ski.   Product: Blizzard Dakota Length Tested: 170 CM Dimensions/Turn Radius: 25M  Camber : Flip Core rocker, flat tail Binding: Salomon Sth14 Mount point: Suggested (1cm fwd of previous year)   Environment & Conditions: Location of Test:Squaw Valley Number of Runs: Multiple  Snow Conditions: Varied from firm AM, to spring corn,  Demo or Own: Demo   Tester Info: Username: Trekchick Age: 47 Height/Weight: 5'6" Ski Days/Season:85 Years Skiing:29 Aggressiveness:Finesse skier with a desire to be more aggressive Current Quiver:...
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