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2013 Volkl Nanuq

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2013 Volkl Nanuq

All of our Backcountry models feature Völkl’s signature Skin Pin system, which al- lows for effortless installation. Each skin is pre-cut per model and size for the ulti- mate convenience. Each model also features our Multi-Layer Wood Core Light, with longitudinal grooves in the bottom, covered by a layer of fiberglass. The grooves remain filled with air after molding, resulting in a lighter weight ski. The top half of the core is a high density wood, which maximizes binding retention and provides resiliency for a stable ride. Dimensions: 131-96-114 Lengths: 163 (20.2), 170 (22.4), 177 (24.6), 184 (26.2) Tip Rocker

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