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2013 Tecnica Inferno 110


Pros: Extremely responsive

Cons: Cold



Shell Size Tested: 23.5

Width:  98

Flex rating: 110

Ski tested with: Too many to remember them all

Footbed: custom instaprint

Modifications done to boot: Added boot heaters



Environment of Conditions:

*Location of review: all over

*Runs Taken: 50+ Days

*Snow Conditions: varied

*Demo or Own: Own



Tester Info:

Username: Trekchick

Age: 46

Height/Weight: 5'6" 130lb

Ski Days/Season: 60+

Years Skiing: 28

Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse) 

Current Quiver: Kastle LX82, Blizzard Samba, Blizzard Dakota DPS Yvette

Home Area: Squaw & Northstar

Preferred Terrain: varied, off-piste, trees



After spending a season in the Tecnica Bushwacker boot and finding it necessary to buckle a bit snugger as the boot packed out, I decided to do what the bootfitter suggested and go to a lower volume boot, with a higher performance liner.   Since I like a performance fit and this boot is extremely low volume, it took a few weeks to break in the boots and I had to adapt a new way to strap the tongue before buckling, but after break in time was done, I knew this boot was perfection for me.  I've heard of others who prefer to replace the stock liner in this boot but I've been feeling great and getting tons of comfort and performance out of this boot/liner/footbed combination.


Noted Features and Performance: 

The Quick Instep is sooooo helpful when getting the boots off in cold temperatures.  I would love to thank the person who thought this up, personally!  

Responsiveness - Holy cow!  Just a little shin pressure is all you need to feel instant tip engagement.  I've never skied a boot that responds quite like this one does.


One Downside:  Since I've been skiing in boots that are geared toward the recreational skier I had not experienced a boot quite as cold as this one is.  Boot heaters are a great addition. 



Pros: Nice flex ,buckles,Quick Instep" makes exit and entry easier

Cons: Pumpkin Orange,stock liner,foot bed

Pumpkin Orange and Black....Harley Davidson colors and crotch rocket type performance all in one pakage,if you've got a LOW VOLUME foot.  I had and am still having trouble finding the right combination of shell,liner and footbed to have all day foot comfort.  The stock liner,well let me say that there are very few stock liners that can give my heel a solid foundation so I use a Zip Fit world cup liner,which still takes up too much space in this shell, a Zip Fit Gara is probably a better match for my foot. One of the first things I did after the Zipfit was to ditch the velco "power strap" ,after having skied with a Booster Strap it's going to be standard equipment on all my boots.  No this is not an endorsement for either ,I'm just pointing out the modifications I've made to the boot. I'm sure this ups the flex number a bit from stock. 

It's mildly irritating to have to drill out the rivets to fit the Booster strap on,but it's nothing you can't do in about 20 minutes with a good power drill and the right hardware,but do so at your own risk.


Let's get down to how the boot stands and skis,fore and aft balance is easy enough to find,and the boot offers good control on any snow and ski combo I throw at it.  I like the buckles and the quick instep feature but wish for a little more instep relief and after a day on the slopes my styloid process is feeling the hot spot. It's a step down from the 130 which has a magnesium power chassis in the sole.....(why these guys continue to put heat sinks in the sole of a ski boot is beyond me,but maybe it's because they market them as a race boot ,one or two runs and done affair.)  This metal power chassis is not present in the 110,but metal in the sole of a boot shell just isn't my idea of a good idea,not if you're going to be in them all day.   Anyway the boot is well constructed and performs admirably under my command and firm eastern conditions. It's a racing boot so it's almost a given that it's fast,responsive and flashy. 


Edit: got these dialed in and they rock I probably should have opted for the 130 flex!

2013 Tecnica Inferno 110

World Cup race Design Quick instep 45mm Velcro Strap Carbon Steel buckles Dual Cuff Alignment flex Adjustment Velcro Spoiler: adjustable & removable hinged instep Catch triple Position Cuff Catches tongue & rear handle Pull Straps neoprene toe box ultrafit Pro liner Primaloft® (in toe box)

Shell MaterialN/A
Liner MaterialUltra Fit Pro
Thermo-moldable LinerNo
Number of Buckles4
Micro AdjustableYes
Binding CompatibilityDIN
Sizes4-11.5 US
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2013
Flex Rating110
Last (mm)98
ShellTraditional Plastic
Cuffrigid cuff
Replaceable solesNone
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Ski Boots › Men's Alpine Ski Boots › 2013 Tecnica Inferno 110