A Review On: 2013 Stockli Laser WC GS Ski

2013 Stockli Laser WC GS Ski

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Edge Grip
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Pros: Incredible Edgehold

Cons: Keeping your Ski Pass !


Skier Height:178 cm Skier Weight:92 kg Skier Ability:Expert/Racer Ski length Tested:190 Year 2012

Ski Review: Stockli continue to amaze me, I have not used a ski of theirs that doesn’t make me shake my head and laugh in disbelief at what they can build into a ski. The 2012 FIS GS, as with their DH and SG models, is a balls out thoroughbred that begs to be driven into the snow with absolute authority from the skier, it will NOT tolerate anything less than you sticking to your guns and obliging. For the strongest of skiers who seek a ski that wants to be worked , and if you are the skier type who is up for pushing it with  strong technical and speed capabilities, this or more to the point, all of the above, are skis you should look towards. As with many Stockli, they do demand more input than many other skis, but I really like that in a ski and find it a challenge with great rewards. They don’t care for half-arsed turn initiation or recreational speeds. I was fortunate enough to enjoy the FIS GS in Aspen for the month of January this year, although the snow was a little later than usual in its arrival, it did provide some really firm conditions, and these things were brilliant. Speed capabilities were very high, ski tracks GPS reading to 87 mph at Aspen Highlands and the ski felt absolutely planted, even in longer drawn out Super G size turns. The skis have that lovely feel underfoot when you get off a lift and get going onto a run and are picking up rude amounts of speed while you’re still sorting out your fiddly Leki Clip-On grips, and encourage you to just let them rail and run…Brilliant !

They are now sitting across from me in my office at home, waiting for our Australian Season 3 months away…neither of us can wait !!!!!!!!!!!

Cheers Fatty..


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