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2013 Salomon X Max 120 Reviews


like these a ton


Pros: nice fit right out of the shop

Cons: non yet

bought a pair of these today. Have wide feet and my old technica ventos had gotten stomped out. Went a whole size smaller. The heat molding the shell is crazy. While they cool down they continue to feel better. Got some wide skis and having toes flopping around was not good.  My skis felt shorter because i gained a ton of control. put off buying boots for 3 years because i was not psyched with break in but these feel broken in already. glad i waited for these. go to a ski shop and get them fit. it would a travesty to not bake these and mold them. 

Great Boot Overall


Pros: Light quick - no leaking - comfortable right away

Cons: toe and heel pieces wear quickly

Got these boots at the end of the season last year.  The custom fitting really cuts down on the breaking time by end of day one the boots felt like I had them for a much longer.  I normally size down my boots and I definitely recommend that with these boots. If you get them to big I think you will lose a good bit of performance.  Luckily you are easily able to do this because of the custom fitting.  I need a wide toe box to size down so we used a toe cap while heating.  I also have a that bone that sticks up on the top your foot and we were able to put some padding that area to stretch it a bit as well which really has made these boot extremely...
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X Max lives up to the hype


Pros: Responsive, even flex, great fit

Cons: No replaceable heel and toe pieces on 130

This is for the X-Max 130, which is the same shell as the 120 with only slight differences. The 130 hardware is all replaceable (allens, etc.), some of the 120 hardware is riveted.   The 130’s have the top-of-the-line liner, the 120’s have the next step down. Other than the name on the liner cuff they physically appear the same and both are heat moldable. Obviously designed for performance over warmth, this is an outstanding factory liner and could not be considered a negative unless you have a leaking problem.   If there is the tinniest amount of leaking it is scarcely detectable, at the end of the day maybe just a bit more than normal moisture. Didn’t over tighten...
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Pros: Fit

Cons: Durability

I've now skied 15 days on my Salmon XMax 120's.  I love the fit.  They're comfortable and I like their consistent flex which seems nicely distributed and progressive.  The boots seem quick, relatively light and nicely supportive.  However, my list of negatives likely outweighs my list of positives.  Perhaps the heat molding caused the problem, but they leak! An unusual amount of water gets into the boot through the front of the shell.  More importantly, they just don't seem to perform as well as expected. They certainly flex lighter than a 120 and, for me, they simply do not have a sufficiently aggressive stance out of the box.  I believe...
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Gravity Ranch

No brainer


Pros: Fit, fit and better fit - smooth flex

Cons: N/A

I coach Mtn Sports Team kids at Crested Butte, CO and wouldn't be able to do it without these boots. I found the Salomon Falcon CS Pro three years ago and never looked back. This is a 40 yr old who skis 120 +/- days per year with ridiculously flat feet and severe pronation. I shouldn't be able to ski - at least not in plastic boots. I used to be one of those guys that would spit out of the goods back onto the groomies desperate to unbuckle the bottom two, and then I'd be standing on one foot and then the other in the maze trying to work through the foot cramps. For the last three winters Salomon's Custom Shell technology has been a miracle for me and I'd...
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Fantastic Boot


Pros: Fits beautifully, Easy moulding, Very well built, Look amazing

Cons: Less stiff than 120

This is my first pair of ski boots, I went to my boot-fitter expecting to pay much less but after trying these boots I HAD to have them. They fit my foot so incredibly well and felt like I was wearing a pair of familiar shoes - this was before even getting the boots moulded or custom inserts made. After this they just hugged every part of my foot and felt phenomenal.   Yet to ski the boots yet though. 
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