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2013 Salomon STH 16 Steel Reviews


All Steel goodness


Pros: Damn Strong

Cons: Damn Expensive

The Sth16 Steel is Salomon's entry into the uber premium high end big mountain big boy binding market. Being a self proclaimed binding geek, I tend to follow what is going on in this small segment of the industry. For years a certain group of skiers who's skiing is well ego driven has been clambering for Salomon to reintroduce an all metal binding derived from the 997E/900E/L.A.B. Series. These bindings didn't just have high DINs, 9-16, 11-17 and 14-20 but housings to match the springs. The regular 916 while it is beefy, it is not the Grade A beef that the 916 Steel is. Where the regular 916 ha composite wings for the toes, the 916 Steel's are metal. You will also notice that the...
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