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2013 Salomon STH 14 Driver Reviews


Sth12 Blue by you


Cons: Only one color...Blue

The Sth14 is the big brother to the Sth12 Driver, it is the same housing and design to it's little brother but in BBR blue. There really isn't a difference between the 12 and the 14 other than color. If you are running your DIN above 10 then go with the 14 (or if you want Blue) otherwise the Sth12 will be enough binding for you.      Tester Info: Username: Philpug Age: 48 Height/Weight: 5'10" 185lb Ski Days/Season: 60+ Years Skiing: 35 Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse)  Current Quiver: 13 Blizzard Bonafide, 13 Blizzard Gunsmoke, plus various vintage skis Home Area: Squaw & Northstar Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees