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2013 Salomon STH 12 Driver


Pros: Removable brake

I was looking for new bindings for a  pair of Blizzard 8.0Ti's.  I skied on Salomon bindings for years and my kids raced on the forever.  Never had any problems.  Loved the fact that the brake was easy on  - easy off for tuning.  Somewhere along the line I drifted away from Salomon and started using Markers.  Probably due to system bindings on Volkls and Blizzards.  Plus I skied a lot on my touring skis which had Fritschis.  I figured that I'd get Markers for the new skis, but decided to shop around a bit.  The Salomon STH 12 Driver struck me as being more solid with more metal than other bindings in the category.  I still ski pretty hard and fast but there's no way I need a din above 12 and I don't need to pay extra $ to impress myself. That's it.  Easy on and off.  Solid boot/ski connection.  A proven, no b.s. design.  And it's easy to take the brakes off to tune.  Plus they are very solid feeling when you step into them.

2013 Salomon STH 12 Driver

Micro Simultaneous wings adjustment. Extra long wings High adjustment XL Stomp pedal High lateral Transmission Steel platform Low Stance Adult norms

Manufacturer Warrantyn/a
Binding DIN Range4-12
Brake Width90-110
Recommended Skier Weight92-264
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC