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2013 Salomon Guardian 16


Pros: Beefy, trusted Salomon heel, smooth well placed pivot, ski to walk without stepping out of the binding,

Cons: Heavy, heavy, heavy,

This is just a first look. I have yet mount them or tour or them.
I have skied them once last year on a demo day.

First and foremost then ski well, they ski just like a STH 16, they could power the Salomon rocker2 without any problems. The lateral stability is top notch. Amazingly different than old school AT bindings like the freerides and Naxos. These are bindings built for skiers.

As I said I have yet to tour on them, though the ski to walk function is awesome and seems quite solid.
I do wish that they had two climbing bars. And let me just say one more time. I wish they were lighter. Marker showed that they can make a bindings that ski wells and is only three pound. Now it's up to Salomon to catch up.

The selling point for me and my wife was the heel piece. I find it hard to step in the single pivot marker bindings. I have always been comfortable and trust Salomon bindings.

I'll post more once I have a few more days on them both going up and down.
2013 Salomon Guardian 16

Salomon's proven downhill performance is combined with convenient Hike & Ride technology with a low profile chassis, wide transmission and easy hike & ride switch. 1480 gms/binding

Manufacturer WarrantyN/A
Binding DIN Range7-16
Brake Width100- 115
Recommended Skier Weight^130lbs
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC