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2013 Pret Helmets Facet Reviews


Heads up for Pret Facet


Pros: Easily adjustable for size and venting

Cons: Cozy ear pads make for difficult hearing

  Title:  2013 PrĂȘt Facet Helmet   Product: Size Tested:  S Women's   Color: Ivory True to Size: Yes  Notable Features:  Easily adjustable for size and ventilation   Tester Info: Username: Trekchick Age: 45 Height/Weight: 5'6" 135 lbs Ski Days/Season: 60 ish Years Skiing: 27 Current Helmet Quiver: Giro Fuse(s), Giro Seam(s), Lazer, Pret Facet   Review: I've worn a helmet for several years now and find myself getting more particular with style, fit and performance as they've become  a critical part of getting dressed to ski.   I'm finding that many helmets fit head shapes in a very specific...
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