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2013 Praxis Yeti Ski

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2013 Praxis Yeti Ski

Introducing the Yeti! This model is another exciting backcountry offering from Praxis. Essentially, take our bestselling Backcountry model, put it on a diet, and keep it stiff with an extra dose of carbon fiber. Add a slight oscillation to the sidecut for better grip, and you have a ski that can aggressively slay those remote backcountry lines you’ve always dreamed about! The Yeti will come in at 94mm underfoot and is specifically designed for longer expedition and mountaineering adventures. Incredibly lightweight for the ascent combined with Praxis’ bomber construction and a very progressive edge design for confident ascents and descents of icy slopes make this model a great new addition to our Touring Series. Light and fast backcountry touring on a progressive ski has truly never been easier. The Yeti will slice through the variable conditions you’re likely to find on long expeditions as well as provide incredible grip in icy couloirs and no-fall zones. It may be the skinniest ski in our lineup but the soft-snow shape loves powder and the handcrafted construction and dampness of the carbon-fiberglass hybrid layup will provide a great ride at your local lift-serviced resort.

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