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2013 Praxis Powder Boards


Pros: Amazing performance in any kind of soft snow. Superb build quality and durability.

Cons: Not surprisingly, less than awesome on firm snow or ice.


No two ways about it, these are amazing soft snow skis.  I have been using Praxis Powder Boards for about five years. I loved the originals. I love these even more. Every evolutionary step of camber or sidecut profile has made a great soft snow ski even better.  The current design not only kills it in powder, but is a bit friendlier on firm snow than older reverse/reverse designs. Make no mistake  - these are not groomer or ice skis. But in my experience they will bring you home to the lift, or get you off a wind scrubbed ridge to the goods,  without all that much hassle.


Not surprisingly, they shine in powder. They float and slide and smear and slarve with ease. On big days, they are definitely choice #1 for me. They are great out in the open. They are nimble in trees. On the right days, they make me laugh out loud. 


But they are not just a "powder" ski. Better to think of them as a soft snow ski. In fact they arguably distinguish themselves most in the kind of soft snow that would bog down or pitchpole a conventional ski. They make easy work of breakable crust, deep slush, unconsolidated spring snow, etc. Which is why, as a middle of the road skier who is only in "OK" shape, I can often comfortably stay out longer than many stronger skiers on days of deep and soft, but less that perfect snow. 


The build quality is as good as it gets. The only reason I have more than my original pair is because I just wanted to keep up with the evolution of my favorite soft snow ski. My originals were dragged across many states and half way around the world for both lift served and heli use for a few years. Bomber as could be. I have seen no evidence that the durability has dropped off on the current generation. But some weight has. 


A word of warning though. These are almost as far as you can get from conventional sidecut and cambered skis. If you have not used reverse/reverse skis before, be sure to read this:  http://www.evo.com/what-is-so-special-about-the-volant-spatula-powder-ski-how-do-i-ski-the-spatulas.aspx - the user guide to the Spatula, the original reverse/reverse ski. If you are a long time powder skier and are used to "old school" technique - be prepared to play and adapt a bit. IMO it is totally worth getting the hang of these.


On this generation of the Powder Board, I started out mounted +1 from the sidewall punch on my 190s. I then moved to +3. My spouse did the same on her 180s. We both feel the +3 mount is about perfect. I'm over 6' and a bit over 200 pounds. I do not think I have ever come close to going over the bars on the current design at that mount point. 


For what it is worth, I'm not exactly uber-skier. But I have spent a lot of time on rockered skis of various sorts. I started playing with them when the Pontoon first came out.  I was instantly pretty hooked. Since then I have skied hundreds and hundreds of days on a decent range of rockered skis. And I have been using rockered skis pretty much exclusively for 3 or 4 seasons. The Praxis Powder Board is still one of my favorites. And is a big part of why I am a raging Praxis fan in general (the other two skis I use the most are the Protest and Concept).

2013 Praxis Powder Boards

The Powder Boards, with full reverse sidecut and Continuous Curve Rocker, offer a powder skiing experience unmatched and unattainable by a ski with traditional sidecut. Please read the Fatter Underfoot Technology blog for more info on why this ski design is so exceptional. Last season, for the first time in the last five years, the Powderboard design has seen some major changes and improvements; improvements that will go unchanged in 2013. In our attempt to allow all people, no matter their shape and size, the incredible experience that these skis allow we are now offering new sizes; 170 cm, 180cm, 190 cm, and 200 cm. We’ve added a fatter overall dimension, but a more notable change comes in the form of a larger radius reverse sidecut, with a fatter tip and tail dimension in relation to the underfoot dimension. What we accomplished with these changes was a more stable ski on hard snow and better edge hold and energy distribution when traversing. All while keeping the amazing slarving and powder performance characteristics that made original design so popular.

Lengths170, 180, 190, 200
Dimensions170-127/131/122, 180, 190, 200 - 134/138/129
Turn RadiusVariable
Constructionfull rocker
Core MaterialWood
Binding Systemnone
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Bindingn/a
Recommended usePowder
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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