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2013 Praxis BC Ski

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2013 Praxis BC Ski

2012 was a great year for our slightly redesigned Backcountry. It was easily our highest seller and most positively reviewed ski. The Backcountry model has been under continuous refinement since its first creation many years ago. Constantly pushing to improve weight, stiffness, and dampness features. From the beginning, however, the shape stood out as an obvious winner and has seen very little change. With that said, though, the tail has recently been modified with a subtle yet effective spot to better accommodate skin hooks. Other small changes include dialing in the flex pattern to accommodate for the carbon fiber in the layup and the addition of perforated rubber to the binding area, both of which make this ski an incredible backcountry tool. The design goals for the Backcountry model remain the same; to create a ski that would ski powder and variable snow conditions exceptionally well with an emphasis on keeping the ski relatively fat but making sure it was still light weight. In other words, maximize the elusive weight-stiffness-ratio. The tip rocker is relative to and compliments the modified sidecut. The shape and long rise of the tip makes the ski very maneuverable in powder and funky snow and wants to push to the surface whether skiing or skinning. The tail has a longer low profile upturn (almost a short low rocker with no actual twin), allowing for easy release from turns, yet still able to drive the ski into the snow to be used as an anchor. A couple millimeters of camber and a smaller turn radius make the ski snappy and responsive, all rolling harmoniously to the tip and tail splay. The Backcountry ski is a customer favorite for sure. So many satisfied customers have made comments and reported back that this is not just a “backcountry” ski but a great everyday resort ski as well. We would have to agree, this ski is one of our most all-around, user-friendly and functional skis in the lineup.

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