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A Review On: 2013 Nordica Wild Belle

2013 Nordica Wild Belle

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Edge Grip
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Pros: Really nice turn transitions

Cons: Jury is still out


Product: Nordica Wild Belle

Length Tested: 162

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 128/84/112  16M TR

Camber: Early Rise

Binding: Demo

Mount point: Suggested


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test:Winter Park

Number of Runs: 2

Snow Conditions: varied, firm/loose granular

Demo or Own: Demo



Tester Info:

Username: Trekchick

Age: 45

Height/Weight: 5'6" 135lbs

Ski Days/Season: 80+

Years Skiing: 27

Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse) 

Current Quiver: Kastle LX82, Blizzard Samba, DPS Yvette

Home Area: Squaw & Northstar

Preferred Terrain: off-piste, trees



Replacing the Nordica Conquer, which was a system ski, the Wild Bells (mens version is the Steadfast) is a great improvement over the Conquer, giving you feedback that may have been lost with the system binding.  Wild Bells makes great transitions in turn shape and holds a decent edge on firm groomers and allowing you to play off piste with confidence.  I was a fan of the Conquer, and I’m an even bigger fan of the Wild Belle. 




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