2013 Nordica LaNina Reviews


I *need* this ski


Pros: Easy turning in powder and cut up crud, good float, nimble and FUN FUN FUN!

Cons: Graphics, heading back to the lift was blah ....

Environment and Conditions: Location of Test: Mt. Rose (Lake Tahoe area) Number of Runs: 3-4 Snow conditions: Mix (powder in trees, cut up crud and stiff groomers) Demo/Own: Demo (hopefully soon to own!) Tester Info: User Name: lovebug Age:32 Height/Weight: 160, 5'10 Days Skiing: 20-25 Aggressiveness: Moderate Current Quiver: Kastle MX78, Blizzard Bushwackers Home Area: PA (Elk Mountain) Preferred Terrain: Groomers, working on trees and bumps and a little of everything else (steeps) Nordica kinda shot themselves in the foot with this one ... this is a fantastic ski for girls and for boys! Graphics lean towards the girls - which is a diservice to the ski. That being said,  its about...
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