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2013 Nordica LaNina


Pros: Easy turning in powder and cut up crud, good float, nimble and FUN FUN FUN!

Cons: Graphics, heading back to the lift was blah ....

Environment and Conditions:
Location of Test: Mt. Rose (Lake Tahoe area)
Number of Runs: 3-4
Snow conditions: Mix (powder in trees, cut up crud and stiff groomers)
Demo/Own: Demo (hopefully soon to own!)

Tester Info:
User Name: lovebug
Height/Weight: 160, 5'10
Days Skiing: 20-25
Aggressiveness: Moderate
Current Quiver: Kastle MX78, Blizzard Bushwackers
Home Area: PA (Elk Mountain)
Preferred Terrain: Groomers, working on trees and bumps and a little of everything else (steeps)

Nordica kinda shot themselves in the foot with this one ... this is a fantastic ski for girls and for boys! Graphics lean towards the girls - which is a diservice to the ski. That being said,  its about time that we got a ski thats as good as the boys and not all pinked up. Both the girls and guys in my demo group loved the ski - and i had to pry it off several male boots smile.gif

We tested this on a mid-season demo day at Mt Rose (outside Reno) on a cold winter day this past season. The groomers were quite stiff in the morning. There was a small amount of fresh snow and a collection of newer (and alot of untracked) snow off piste. The chutes were open, and while alot of folks went and attacked that, I found a few quiet areas ... lightly treed runs in and out of the groomed runs had several inches of fluff in which to play!.

The La Ninas were fantistially responsive, light and nimble. They just went where i wanted them to. They gave me a boost of confidence in the soft snow (ususallly uncomfortable to me) but were also appreciated by many other (much more) accomplished skiiers. Definatly something to grow into. Wiping the smile off my face was HARD!

The only con (besides the gender specific graphics) was the run-out blahs on the way back to the lift. The skis lost their life on the firm, groomed run. This is definatly a ski for the days where you spend more time playing off trail in the hidden stashes than days in and out of the groomed stuff. 

I put my order in the very minute I clicked out of these. 
2013 Nordica LaNina

Nordica brings the Wi Core technology to the women's line with the LaNina. The High Rise rocker tip and lightweight wood core makes the LaNina a great choice for the skier who is hitting the slopes on a powder day or seeking out secret stashes after the storm.

Lengths169, 177, 185
Turn Radius16.5M @ 177
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core MaterialWi Core Lightweight wood
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended BindingN/A
Recommended usePowder
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelExpert
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC