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2013 Lange XT 130 LV


Pros: Comfortable, powerful, great cuff ROM for touring

Cons: No dynafit inserts

It appears that Lange did their homework before delivering their first boot designed for alpine ski touring. Like the rest of their boot line, if you get the size right, the chances are very high that it will fit like a glove out of the box. Lange has gone to extra lengths to insure that by offering two widths of boot for nearly every boot size, which helps account for wide or narrow feet. For reference, the low volume version (indicated with an LV on the model name) is 97mm wide at the first metatarsal, the normal width is 100mm. These are generous numbers too.

The other half of the fit is due to asymmetrically molded heel pads, and a tongue that attaches on the sides so it leaves room for high insteps without crushing them, yet enough padding and a well placed buckle to hold low-volume feet securely in place.

The key to the XT's backcountry performance lies in their Power V-Lock which allows the cuff to rotate backward with very little friction. This yields a supremely comfortable walk mode, whether you're just standing around at the end of a day of skiing, or earning turns and want as much ankle movement as possible to lengthen your stride and make shorter work of your time on the skin track.

When you lock the cuff, the V-Lock mates with the lower shell in such a way that it effectively mimics a solid shell and you get excellent downhill performance. Maybe not race caliber, but more than enough for driving any size ski you prefer in or out of bounds in whatever snow condition happens to dominate your day.

About the only thing not to like is the absence of tech fittings so you could apply Lange power and Lange comfort with a light weight Dynafit binding for long tours in the backcountry. For the moment, this is an excellent first step out of bounds for a brand whose reputation is solidly inside the lines.

More details at EarnYourTurns.com.
First impression of the Lange XT
A closer look at the Lange XT
2013 Lange XT 130 LV

The new Lange XT 130 boot delivers the performance of a competition boot with the functionalities needed to enjoy All Mountain/Freeride skiing. Thanks to the Ski/Hike function, the Arch Pad and the extra light liner, the Lange XT 130 is the perfect boot for adventure skiing. Available in 97 and 100 mm last.

Shell MaterialPolyether
Liner MaterialLight Thermofit RL3
Thermo-moldable LinerYes
Number of Buckles4
Micro AdjustableYes
Binding CompatibilityDin/AT
Recommended LevelExpert
Model Year2013
Flex Rating130
Last (mm)97
ShellTraditional Plastic
Replaceable solesBoth
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Ski Boots › Men's Alpine Ski Boots › 2013 Lange XT 130 LV