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2013 Head REV 90


Pros: Groomer ski that can venture off piste.

Cons: A bit hooky. Dubious tail. Some tip flap.



Length Tested: 177cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 136 / 91 / 117, 16.6m radius

Camber: "Marketing Rocker" with Camber

Binding: Demo

Mount point: Suggested


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Squaw Valley

Number of Runs: All morning

Snow Conditions: Spring conditions, not quite corn

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: Xela

Age: 41

Height/Weight: 5'9", 150 lbs.

Ski Days/Season: 30

Years Skiing: ~20

Aggressiveness: Aggressive

Current Quiver: 2012 Blizzard Bonafide 180; 2006 Dynastar Legend 8000 172

Home Area: Squaw Valley

Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees


Conclusion: A damp wide groomer ski.


Pros: Groomer ski that can venture off piste.


Cons: A bit hooky.  Dubious tail.  Some tip flap.




I don't know what to make of a 90mm ski in today's ski offerings.  I recently tried the Ski Logik Rave, at 92mm, and didn't think much about it one way or the other.  The Head Rev 90 began the day as a perfectly serviceable ski on some steep groomers.  As a rather damp ski, it didn't provide a lot of pop coming out of turns.


Even though the Rev 90 has the word "rocker" right on the topsheet, I would call this ski relatively flat.  Neither the rocker nor the camber are pronounced.  Looking at the ski, I'd say there is a touch of tip rocker and a traditional tail.  The sidecut, however, is obvious.






I was curious how it would carve, being wide, but with substantial shape.  As it turns out, it didn't carve too well for me.  Now some of that is undoubtably me, and some is likely the soft conditions, but I know I get more carve out of my 80mm skis.  Perhaps the sidecut is too aggressive for the soft snow or the types of turns I normally do.


While the Rev 90 didn't seem as pivoty and playful as some rockered skis, it did exhibit some tip flap in cut-up snow.  In fact, performance in crud was a notable disappointment for me.  It wasn't the tip flapping, but rather that it was hard to keep the ski tracking straight.  I don't know if it was the sidecut or perhaps hooky tips, but the Rev 90 did get thrown around when skiing crud.  I note that this did not happen with a ski 7mm wider and a similar sidecut one day prior.


On a similar note, there were times when skiing ungroomed spring snow that the Rev 90 would hook up unexpectedly and strongly.  I'm wondering if this is to be expected when skiing a 90mm ski in creamy conditions.  Regardless, it wasn't fun when it happened.


I decided to retire the Rev 90 at lunch time and get back on my ole' reliable Bonafides.  It wasn't just due to the hooky tips.  I also found that the tail of the Rev 90 wasn't always there the way I wanted it to be.  Especially in moguls, I would find what seemed like the "incredible disappearing tail".  It's not as if my Bonafides have a lot of tail, but the Rev 90 seemed to have both more and less at various times.


The Head Rev 90 is a bit of a puzzle for me.  Sometimes I think a ski like this exists just for completeness, so that the Rev 105 will have a little brother.  If I had to say to whom this ski was aimed, I'd say as a one-ski quiver for a groomer skier dealing with occasional soft snow, and who likes a damp feel.  I'm sure I know people like that, but I'm not one of them.




Pros: Better than the graphics would lead you to believe

Cons: The graphics are uglier than the skis ski



Sorry, I just don't like the graphics but I am man enough to get over it...the Rev's are damn fun skis. What I like about them in the playfulness. Where some skis take them too serious, the Rev 90 picks up where the iPeak90 left off, it is just a fun ski. HEad did a great job with this series sadly as well as they ski, sales will not match their ability. Shame, a lot of people will pass over this great ski. 



Length Tested: 177

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  135/90/113 15m@170

Camber:  Early Rise, Tip & Tail w/camber

Binding: Demo 

Mount point: Suggested


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Winter Park

Number of Runs: 2

Snow Conditions: Packed

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: Philpug

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 5'10" 185lb

Ski Days/Season: 60+

Years Skiing: 35

Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse) 

Current Quiver: 13 Blizzard Bonafide, 13 Blizzard Gunsmoke, plus various vintage skis

Home Area: Squaw & Northstar

Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees

2013 Head REV 90

If you were cast away on an island (one with a great mountain) Which ski would you take with you? This used to be a puzzler. The new HEAD REV is the answer. No question of snow quality or skier skills, no question of freeriding vs carving aspirations. This revolutionary ski can do it all. Thanks to ERA 3.0 Rocker Radius Rebound

Dimensions135/90/116 @ 170
Turn Radius15.4@ 170
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core Materialwood laminate
Binding Systemnone
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended BindingHead LX 12
Recommended useOff-piste
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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