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2013 Fischer SOMA Vacuum RC4 130


Pros: Absolutely fantastic to ski - has boosted my skiing skills by a level, Perfect for bow legged skiers

Cons: The plastic has started to frail, buckles feel cheap, not 100% fit at the first vaccum mold

About Me:

Skills: Ski instructor level, love hard ice packed slopes at race speed

Physics: 73 kg, 180cm (6 foot), narrow ankles, extremely bowlegged (curved lower leg)

Age: 43


Testing time: 3 weeks in the boot



Don't know what exactly makes the boot tick, but for me I guess it is a combi of:

1. The cuff of the boot now follow my curved lower leg perfectly, which makes my stance on the ski so much better

2. The soma tec stance also makes a big difference as I can now with less effort and swifter more actively turn my skis which has given me a fantastic sensation. 



The plastic seems to be too soft in the areas where there's physical contact with the bindings (i..e the sole). The part going into the bindings are after just 3 weeks already extremely dented, and the plastic is frailing (similar to when your skin after a sun burn starts to fall off).

The buckles are also so so, and feel cheap, but they work fine. 




Model selection:

Many people have said that the vacuums flex are to the softer side compared to other flexes. I tend to agree. This is my first 130 flex boot and it is perfect in colder conditions -10 celsius, while a bit to the softer side when just below freezing point. So if in doubt go for 130 rather than the 110 flex unless you ride in the park and off trail. 


Fitting Process

The fitting process was fairly easy. By fairly I mean that the boot fitter still had to grind down the inner foot bed as the top of my foot got squashed, so the vacuum magic couldn't completely mold to my foot after all. The grinding was however a bit of a hassle because of the fragile material it was made of (the boot fitter cursed quite a lot about it)...and one of the foot beds have actually broken.


I got 200psi pressure, but I need a remold, with max pressure, as the boot still isn't completely snug around my ankles, and I still have problems w a numb big toe (which I have had in all my prior boots too).  



No other boot can do what this does for a bowlegged skier like me. Period!


Otherwise I actually think that a standard Fischer soma tec boot would do the trick for you --and you wouldn't have to worry about the durability and huge dent in your wallet too

I still need to get the max vacuum molding done b4 I can say that the boot is tailormade for me. 


Get the quality in place and it would be 5 stars.


Bonus info:

I tried them with a pair of Intuition liners, but I prefer the stock liner, as I find the intuitions too "slippery" inside the boot. So save that money IMHO.


Pros: Unreal Fit, my fitter will dial it in more at no charge throughout the 1st year

Cons: More money than other boots I considered

I've been skiing in Head or Rossignol boots for more than 20 years, depending on the sponsorship deal that got worked out.  I always spent an additional $100 to $200 after getting my boots fitted and worked out for me.  The fit of this boot is amazing, where I am used to voids, there are none.  I really feel that wearing this boot is going to give me more control than any boot I have ever worn.  It really feels as if the boots are part of me, when I have them on.


At the USSA Alpine National Coaches Academy at Copper the other week:

Unreal performance, I have much more control on the snow, comfort is great, I could be in these all day long. Weather was fairly warm, so I can't complain about cold feet, but that may come with some of the cold weather I will be facing this season.


Note: I can't speak as to Durability nor the performance yet, but I expect them both to be great!


I will update this review after I have 40+ days in them, and have more details about durability, comfort, and performance.


Pros: Fit/moldable

Cons: Flex is softer than expected

I am currently skiing Atomic 130 race boot with molded Intuition liners.  I was hoping that the Fischer would give me an even closer fit since the outer shell is moldable.  The flex on the Atomics is MUCH softer than my Atomic boots - maybe 100-110 in my opinion, although I have not skied them so they might stiffen up a bit in the cold.  I spoke with a Fischer retailer, and he says that the Fischer rep recommends finding a 150 flex if I wanted a true 130.  I decided not to mold them or use them, and will stay with the Atomics for now and try to sell these.

2013 Fischer SOMA Vacuum RC4 130

Outstanding race boot for ambitious racers: direct power transfer and perfect fit thanks to VACUUM FIT technology

Shell MaterialVACU-PLAST
Liner MaterialFFS Vacuum fit HIPE
Thermo-moldable Linern/a
Number of Buckles4
Micro Adjustableyes
Binding Compatibilitydin
Recommended LevelExpert
Model Year2013
Flex Rating130
Last (mm)93-103
ShellCustom Mold
Cuffrigid cuff
Replaceable solesBoth
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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