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2013 Elan Amphibio WaveFlex 78 Fusion


Pros: Damp, smooth, carve very well, easy to ski, handle crud & ice as well as hardpack. Clean, subtle appearance.

Cons: Asymmetrical feature makes for easy skiing, but if your inside edges get worn, swapping to other foot changes the turning character.

Read http://worldskitest.com/en/results-archive/category/men-allround-2014-16

This extremely-organized European testing format concluded that the Amphibio Fusion 78 (non-Ti) was #1 in their all-around category.

Now, after a year of ownership, 30+ skiing days at Gore and West Mtns (eastern hardpack with some ice, some 3" pow, some crud) I agree with that test. These skis are perfect for me (160#, 5'9", advanced, "mature" skier).

They carve great, and if you swap them so that the rockered edge is the inside, they smear like rockered skis. (who knew?) Curious to see what happens when they were swapped so the rockered edges were inside instead of outside, I did it. It wasn't a dramatic difference, but they then preferred to smear rather than carve turns, just like most rockered skis do. So to some degree you get 2 sets of skis for the price of one.

[This added in Dec 2015: in the heavy, warm Spring-like conditions we've had this Dec., swapping to the rockered edges did make them easier to turn in the slop. One day when it had not yet warmed above freezing, I started with the cambered edges inside (the normal setup) then several runs later as it warmed up, swapped to the rockered sides for easier turning in the slop. That was easier to do than walk back to my car and get a set of old rockered skis I own.]

They are damp & smooth, but not as heavy as some stiffer Ti-reinforced skis. Over the past months, I've demoed a dozen other skis in the 75 - 85mm waist width. For me, these are the overall best.

They have been stable at 40mph down big groomers, as well as easy to play around at low speeds, unlike some stiffer skis I've tried which were more like 1 trick ponies.

The Fusion bindings are slick: work well and are well integrated. The sintered base seems to hold its wax well, so the skis are relatively fast through many days of Eastern skiing.

I like their subtle style. Hell, I like their feel, too. After a full year os skiing on them, it still feels like true love.... smile.gif


Pros: Strong edge, stable, no chatter

Cons: Not as easy to put on edge in fresh ungroomed chopped off snow

I just happened to ski Heavenly in variable conditions during one week on 176 cm (I'm 6.2", 192 lbs, considered advanced intermediate) I have experienced groomed old snow, also a fresh ungroomed and chopped off snow, windy trails with accumulation of the snow aside. In all these conditions, the ski allowed me to edge them in very controllable way, when letting the ski go in downhill style they responded without chatter, very stable underfoot.

I had a problem only when carving in fresh snow above the groomed chopped off well trails, I was not able to edge the ski as well, mainly turning with flat skis instead. At this point I'm a bit confused whether this problem was mainly due to my carving technic mistake, or it's a problem of this 78 mm waist under foot that do not as well in chopped off fresh snow?! Otherwise these skis can cut through the chopped snow relatively stable and controlled. But definitely I'll avoid skiing in such conditions with 78 cm underfoot and ski mainly groomer days.
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2013 Elan Amphibio WaveFlex 78 Fusion

A powerful allrounder, shaped for the advanced allround skier. With an intermediate 78 cm width under the boot it's the ideal combination for on-slope precision skiing and ungroomed fun-riding.

Lengths152 (11.9) 160 (13.3) 168 (14.9) 176 (17.7)
Turn Radius17.7M @ 176
Core MaterialPower Wood Core
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended BindingFreeeflex
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelIntermediate
Model Year2013
Binding System
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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