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2013 Dynastar Outland 87

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #166 in All-Mountain Skis


Pros: Playful 87 wide carver

Cons: System only..DAMMIT



As soon as the rep dropped these off for me to try I was excited to get them out. I respect a company that comes out with two completely different skis with the same waist at the same time, they "get" how skis can be so similar yet be so different. The Outland 87 is a ski that has an almost identical construction to the Rossignol Experience 88 in that it uses basalt (rock, hence the ROCK in the title) strands in the construction. Where some people felt the E88 would lock into ONE turn, I found the Outland 87 was much more relaxed and could be modulated into more more carried turn shapes and to an extent more versatile. 


My main caveat with the Outland is that it is only available as a system ski where most other skis in this category are available either in a system or flat. I would much rather put in a Pivot 14 (in the new green) than to use the overly heavy Axial2 system. I also did play with the mount point and I felt that the Oh87 skied better a couple of CM back of center. 



Length Tested: 178

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 132-87-114 18M@178cm

Camber: Tip & Tail w/camber

Binding: Suggested

Mount point: 2cm back


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Northstar

Number of Runs: 10

Snow Conditions: packed powder

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: Philpug

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 5'10" 185lb

Ski Days/Season: 60+

Years Skiing: 35

Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse) 

Current Quiver: 13 Blizzard Bonafide, 13 Blizzard Gunsmoke, plus various vintage skis

Home Area: Squaw & Northstar

Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees

2013 Dynastar Outland 87

Outland all-mountain skis feature award-winning on-trail performance with “crossover” off-trail versatility. all-mountain rocker, 3d wood core construction and lightweight super fiber laminates deliver easier turn initiation, vibration-free stability and strong, full-length edge grip for enhanced carving on groomers. cross over into softer snow and experience effortless off-trail maneuverability. Whether carving on hardpack, cruising through crud or weaving through trees, outland series skis deliver powerful versatility for every side of the resort. All Mountain Rocker Technology: • “crossover” on-trail performance and effortless off-trail maneuverability • moderate tip and tail rocker allows easier turn initiation and soft snow performance • providesfull-lengthsidecutengagementforpowerfulandconfidentedge grip 3d wood Core Construction: • Thicker core profile at edges provides powerful grip and energy transmission • milled center reduces weight improving versatility and control SuPer Fiber: • basalt and aramide fibers woven into fiberglass for increased strength and rebound • absorbs vibrations and increases ski-snow contact • increased dampness and stability without additional weight of metal laminates Autodrive: • blend of vertical sidewall and cap constructions for superior edge hold combined with comfortable turn transitions • Vertical sidewalls underfoot provide increased power and edge grip • cap construction toward tip and tail allows less aggressive turn entry and exit Autodrive Fluid Plate: • Tool-free binding for easy adjustment • new wider metal binding platform increases leverage and torsional stiffness for increased power and precision • rubber boosters store energy and accommodate flex for consistent edge grip and rebound

Lengths165/172/178/184 cm
Dimensions132-87-114 mm
Turn Radius18 M
Core Material3D wood
Binding SystemYes
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended BindingPX 12 Fluid Medium
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelExpert
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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