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2013 Dynastar Cham 87


Pros: Fast, quick turning, steady in crud, floats, almost no speed limit

Skied a 178 and a 172 Cham 87 at Vail.  Snow was two days from last storm.  Frontside was hardpack, back bowls was tracked but powder was still to be found.  Me, 49 years old,  175lbs, 5'10, level 7~8 skier. Looking for a ski to replace my Legend 8k.


Fun ski.  It feels like a better Legend 8k. Quick for 87 underfoot, easy to turn, overall good new design. I liked the Cham 97 better however and ended up buying it day after I demo'd it. 








Pros: Tail provides a stable platform

Cons: Interesting feeling when driving forward.


Product: Blizzard Dakota

Length Tested: 172CM

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 16M 

Camber : Rocker tip, flat tail, camber under foot

Binding: Demo Look 

Mount point: Suggested Boot Center


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test:Squaw Valley

Number of Runs: Multiple (half day)

Snow Conditions: Varied from firm AM, to spring corn, 

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: Trekchick

Age: 45

Height/Weight: 5'6"

Ski Days/Season:85

Years Skiing:27

Aggressiveness:Finesse skier with a desire to be more aggressive

Current Quiver: Kastle LX82 162cm, Blizzard Black Pearl 166cm, Blizzard Samba 166cm, DPS Yvette 168cm

Home Area: Northstar at Tahoe

Preferred Terrain: Trees, moguls, and the occasional groomer 


2013 Dynastar Cham 87


With a nice spring cycle on the horizon, I stopped by to pick up some more 2013 skis to put through their paces, hoping to get a chance to try the Cham HM 87, which wasn't available, so I took out the Cham 87.


Starting out the snow was firm, but softened quickly which allowed for a variety of conditions throughout the day.

First impressions on early firm pack:

The Cham 87 likes to be skied from the center when its on hard pack, and makes good edge transitions when skiing in that sweet spot. 

Taking it into soft bumps: 

This is where I found the biggest challenge.  The tail was a little stiffer than I like and seemed hooky, which threw me off at first, but as I skied the tops of the bumps and pivoted on the center of the ski, I made it work well and had some good turns.

Varied conditions, chopped up snow:

I tend to get on the front of the ski and drive through chopped up snow, which didn't seem to be how the Cham 87 liked to ski it.  After changing my method a bit and finding the fun surfy feel of using the amazing platform of the tail, I found out just how much fun this could be if you skied it like it was intended.   Surfy is the key and it was exactly how I found my grins. 


All in all, I would like to try the Cham 87 High Mountain version to do a comparison.  I have a feeling that it would be better suited for my skiing style. 


But if you like a ski that is surfy and playful while utilizing the stable tail, then this is the ski for you.  





2013 Dynastar Cham 87

The all-new Cham Series is a next-generation, freeride-adventure line built in the shadow of chamonix, the birthplace of extreme skiing. dynastar’s handcrafted, high-quality construction combined with the new levitation profile delivers a unique, user-friendly blend of float, maneuverability and stability in all snow conditions. levitation profile is an evolution of five-point sidecuts, featuring a long rocker tip, classic camber underfoot and flat pintail. With powerful, reliable and versatile performance, the cham series redefines “free ride.” Levitation Profile: The new cham adventure series features a unique new design that delivers more power, stability and maneuverability in all snow conditions from powder, to crud, to hardpack, for all skier types. cham’s levitation profile is the next generation in ski design. The combination of an evolved “5-point sidecut,” long tip rocker, classic camber underfoot and flat pintail provides the reliability and versatility to meet the demands of all- mountain and big-mountain skiing. Progressive 5-Point SideCut: combines reverse (tapering) sidecut in the tip and tail with traditional sidecut underfoot. • delivers effortless maneuverability and smear turns • Quick, easy turns and speed control in all snow • prevents hooking, twitching and overturning at speed in deep snow • carves and turns well on groomed snow Long Rocker Tip: long rocker from tip through forebody. • delivers superior floatation through deep snow and crud • enhances steering, maneuverability and control Classic Camber Underfoot: • delivers stability, reliable edge-grip and power • enhances turning and maneuverability on groomed snow Flat Pintail: The narrower, flat tail maximizes the benefits of the progressive 5-point sidecut. • enhances tip floatation for phenomenal ease-of-use in deep snow • delivers power, tracking and stability in all conditions • easier to balance and maintain direction for enhanced powder performance • delivers easier speed control Sandwich Laminate Construction: • Wood cores with titanal and/or high tech laminates provide the best feel, balance, power and stability Full length Vertical Sidewalls: • deliver the ultimate edge grip, power and balance

Lengths166, 172, 178, 184 cm
Dimensions109-127-87-103-90 mm
Turn Radius16 M
Core Materialwood/metal
Binding SystemPX 12 Fluid
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended BindingPX 12 Fluid
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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