Magnum 8.0 Flips it's core

A Review On: 2013 Blizzard Magnum 8.0 Ti

2013 Blizzard Magnum 8.0 Ti

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Edge Grip
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Pros: As good as any ski in class

Cons: Will be missed by too many skiers wanting more. not as nimble as the outgoing 8.1



Although the 8.0 sits below the 8.5 in Blizzards product line, do not think of it as any less of a ski. the Magnum 8.0ti is equal to the 8.5ti..just 80mm underfoot and sizes that fall in-between how the 8.5's sizes fall. Choosing one or the other in these two skis really depends who you want your quiver to be set up. If you are lighter and slighter, the 8.0 would be your choice, if you are bigger and stronger, go with the 8.5 but either way, there is not a wrong choice. If either of these are going to be in your quiver, the 8.5 could be a great middle ski if you have a sixty some waisted ski or if you don't the 8.0 could be that hard snow ski for you. 



Length Tested:178cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  122-80-107 

Camber: Early Rise Tip & Tail w/camber

Binding: Demo

Mount point: Suggested 


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Winter Park Co, Squaw Valley

Number of Runs: 4

Snow Conditions: Packed

Demo or Own: Demo


Tester Info:

Username: Philpug

Age: 48

Height/Weight: 5'10" 185lb

Ski Days/Season: 60+

Years Skiing: 35

Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse) 

Current Quiver: 13 Blizzard Bonafide, 13 Blizzard Gunsmoke, plus various vintage skis

Home Area: Squaw & Northstar

Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees



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