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A Review On: 2013 Blizzard Bonafide

2013 Blizzard Bonafide

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you sold me these skis based on the graphics!
These are now on my must have list!
I am looking for a second pair of skis now that I am venturing off-piste. I skied the Prophet 98 (186 cm) at Crystal Mountain a few weeks ago, and hope to ski the bone this next weekend, although projected conditions don't look very good. How does the Bone feel compared to the Prophet? I am 42, 6' tall, and a high intermediate to low advanced skier looking for a second ski that will handle the off-piste crud, as well as float in some occasional knee-deep powder. I am very intrigued by all the descriptions of the Bone.
Tried them yesterday, liked my Watea 94 better. Something is wrong with me. Need more mileage so will try again.
Are we talking about the same ski?...the Bonafide is 98mm underfoot. As far as edge grip (and weight)..remember, when you are demoing a ski, you are demoing the tune as much as the ski, a poorly tuned ski could not have the edge grip you expect..are there other skis in this category that have more grip? Absolutely, but they are not as versatile. As far as the weight...that could be the demo binding that was on the pair you tried.
Comment deleted because I hadn't had my coffee and I was in fact thinking of the Bodacious.
Phil, what other 98 mm skis would you not mind having on your feet? Thinking of demoing some.
In the 98 category...Rossi Experience 98, Line Prophet 98, Nordica Hell & Back, Dynastar Cham 97 and Kastle BMX98
great advice/comments, what kind of binding for mostly frontside? thx, papi