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2013 Blizzard Bonafide


Pros: Holds on groomer as well as my older K2 Crossfires, more stable

Cons: None so far, but then I have not skied a lot of differnet skis

6 ft 1 in


180 cm

Knee Binding Carbon 12


I only ski up to single diamonds and I do not get in as many ski days an many of the reviewers on here. But I can say that if you are an immediate advanced skier a ski like this can help your skiing a lot and make it much more comfortable and provide confidence to start exploring more of piste. I sent 4 days up at Mammoth where it snowed almost everyday. This ski made that trip much more enjoyable than it would have been on my K2 Crossfires. The performance on groomed slopes was so good as well that I will likely never bring my K2s again unless there is a lot of rock showing.  I demoed the K2 Aftershock, Mantra, and Ross E98 at the end of the season last year. Only the Ross E98 may have gripped a bit better on groomers but I read other reviewers who have said that the Bonafide is a much better ski all around especially of piste.


Pros: predictable, slarvable, carvable, powable

Cons: graphics, fit and finish







Length Tested: 187

Dimensions/Turn Radius:  23m 

Camber: Early Rise Tip & Tail w/camber

Binding: Demo or Suggested: Demoed Marker Griffon, bought FKS 140

Mount point: Suggested


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Squaw

Number of Runs: 40

Snow Conditions: Windblown, windbuff, tracked, hardpack

Demo or Own:


Tester Info:

Username: dmourati

Age: 38

Height/Weight: 6'2"/280lbs

Ski Days/Season: 30

Years Skiing: 30

Aggressiveness: (): Moderate(Finesse)

Current Quiver: Mantra 184/Bone 187

Home Area: Tahoe

Preferred Terrain: off-piste, trees


Versatile ski that lets you do so many different turns.  It's fun, poppy, lively, predictable and confidence inspiring. 


Go fast, go over stuff, slow down, rock some tighter turns.


Easy to edge with a nice sidecut.  Tips get into the snow early .  You can easily break out of turns too at speed.






Pros: Really versatile - what lives in the car for any conditions in Tahoe

Cons: Some lighter skiers may prefer the metal-less Kabookie

Philpug has already covered why this is a favorite all mountain ski at the Start Haus - and if you browse the forums you'll see SierraJim is on the same page.


The Blizzard Bonafide falls firmly in our quiver-of-one category for western ski areas at 98 mm underfoot.


Some of our testers are what some people would call "old-school" and a little leery of the over-use of rocker, especially in both the tip and tail. But Blizzard nailed it with the flip-core design, giving enough early rise for better performance in soft and variable snow without getting all flappy and reducing edge contact too much on the firm snow. 


The tail rocker, not as common in this category as in the tip, is subtle enough that the skier doesn't notice it on firm snow, but helps the ski come around in bumps and variable snow without hooking.


The Bonafide has a great balance of flex and torsional stiffness to complement the rocker profile for a seamless feel in a wide variety of conditions. It doesn't feel disconnected or out of place in firmer conditions like other more aggressively rockered skis can, while still taking advantage of the benefits of early rise in the soft stuff.


The Blizzard Bonafide is our best seller for the category. We're confident in recommending it to just about anyone to handle just about any conditions. We also generally recommend sizing longer with the rocker profile of the ski.


Here's what SierraJim has to say about the Bonafide:



You can read more Blizzard Bonafide Reviews on our ski blog.

2013 Blizzard Bonafide

The Bonafide is the most versatile ski in the Free Mountain line. This ski really is the ultimate “every-day” go to ski, regardless if you prefer to SEND IT from the East Coast or the West Coast. Make this ski your 1 ski quiver and see what Flipcore can do for you. Consruction: Sandwich Sidewall Titanium + Woodcore + ISO-Core + Bamboo + Titanium Technology Features: Flipcore 3D Sidewall Camber: Tip & Tail Rocker, Slight Camber Underfoot

Turn RadiusRadius 21.0 m (180 cm)
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core MaterialWood/ Bamboo/ ISO Core/Titanium
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Bindingn/a
Recommended useOff-piste
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2013
Binding System
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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