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2013 Atomic Ritual Ski


Pros: Responsive, good float

Cons: Not so great on groomers

I demoed these last year at Big Sky, along with the Atomic Alibi, Automatic and Bent Chetler.  It was either these or Bent Chetlers and these won out because the narrower waist seemed and is a lot more versatile.  It has taken me some time to get used to them because they are quite different from my Nordica Steadfasts which I've skied pretty much exclusively for the past three seasons.  But my home mountain, Red Lodge Mountain, has been getting buried the last several weeks and these are all I've been skiing lately.  They are really quick in the trees and provide all the float I've needed in the 8" and 14" days and in the trees where the snow is significantly deeper.  They have also been very good on those days after a dump when mostly what there is is cut up and piled up snow on the ungroomed runs.  These skis just plow right on through without hesitation and never once have I felt like I was being tossed around.  They've also been quite responsive in the steep narrow chutes we have at RLM.  I haven't skied them in really hard bumps, but they've been good in the bump runs when there's been fresh snow.  It has taken me a while to get used to them on groomers and I've found that a very forward stance is what it takes to get the most out of them on groomers.  They don't have the rebound of the Steadfasts but I never expected they would.  I wanted a pair of skis that was more powder oriented than the Steadfasts and with more rocker and these have filled those requirements perfectly.


Pros: floats well, stable in chop and crud, nimble, carves well, edges well, excellent in powder or chop bumps, rails on groomers at speed

Cons: tip chatters slightly when traversing fast on hard steeps; not great in hard moguls when no new

I got these in 182 cm. for resort powder days, and it's become my favorite ski. I use it whenever there has been new snow of 3" plus, but it would be fun in 1" or more in the past 24 hrs.

I usually ski the Rituals on relatively smooth slopes for the first 4-5 runs, on unbroken and increasing cut up and chop, then switch to the black diamond bump runs at Copper, as long as they have at least chop on them. The Rituals are light weight, easy, surprisingly nimple and great on edge, staying in the fall line or not. They smear when asked to.  A blast. 

I am not a tree skier, but you can choose most any turn radius you want on them, and they're quick when you want them to be. They seem to like short-to-medium gs turns slightly best, but only slightly. They also ski shorter turns, and big gs and super g fast turns on soft corduroy almost as well as my frontside skis, and very well until it gets hard-packed and icy. They have that Atomic rebound. 

I'm a light weight expert skier, 5'11", 145 lbs. I tried the next shorter version (174?), but gained very little and lost a little stability (and maybe float?).

I'm not sure how this ski works for heavier skiers. Also, I wish I'd gotten them with Schizo Griffin bindings, so I could experiment with mount in different conditions, especially in deeper powder. I have found myself leaning back to get more lift if I'm doing first tracks in a foot plus unbroken powder if the slope is too shallow (green), or on a 2 foot plus day in unbroken snow on most any intermediate slope. Probably most anything but dedicated fat powder skis would have this problem. 

That said, the Rituals are five star. 


Pros: solid carving, wide enough for off-piste

Cons: not so great in moguls

I ski on the 2012-13 Rituals and love them.  I now hardly ever half to pull out my Big Gun Powder Skis - Rossi S7, since the Ritual can handle almost anything.  They work well on the groomers, too.  The only place they fall short is in the moguls due to their wide width -- I think the Atomic Alibi would be a better width for the hard charging mogul skier.  These are a great ski I ski 90% of the time out of my 4 ski quiver.


Pros: good float, maneuverable, fun

Cons: None that I found

Skied the Ritual (174cm, 136/103/122, 19m) for four days heli skiing at Wiegele's in BC.  The snow was as deep and as good as it gets.  They were really fun skis. I have a pair of Cochise that I almost took with me, but didn't want to haul hem all the way up there.  I liked them better than the Cochise and also the Armada JJ's that I skied on last year.  They have moderate rocker which I like.  Also a bit narrower, but maybe not good for a heavier skier. (I'm 160, 5'7", 66, skied for 50 years, 50 days + a year)


I didn't get to try them on any packed snow, but what few packed areas I found going to pick ups they worked fine.

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2013 Atomic Ritual Ski

The new Atomic Ritual with Backbone titanium technology is the premium model of the Vantage range and is the perfect twin-tip for any all-mountain adventure. Like a stabilizing backbone, the lightweight titanium insert runs the length of the ski, increasing torsional rigidity while optimizing weight distribution. The Ritual can be controlled effortlessly and is exceptionally smooth even at high speeds. The two All Mountain Rockers in the tip and tail increase agility and make it easier to initiate turns. The ski floats on powder thanks to a handsome waist width of 103 mm.

Lengths174, 182, 190
Dimensions174-136.5/103/122.5, 182-137.5/103/123.5, 190-138.5/103/124.5
Turn Radius19M @ 182
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core MaterialWoodcore
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Bindingn/a
Recommended useOff-piste
Binding TypeFlat
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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