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2013 Atomic Redster Edge GS Ski


Pros: Fast, manoeuvrable, excellent edge grip

Cons: Not as stiff as I would like

The Atomic Redster Edge GS skis are fast, smooth and offer excellent edge grip on the hard, icy surfaces that are common on the East coast.  I haven’t tried them at mach 3 yet, but so far stability at speed appears to be very good.


Surprisingly, for a cheater GS ski (turn radius is 16.4 meters for a 176cm ski), turns can be initiated effortlessly.  This might be because of the slight rocker up front.  These are not FIS race GS skis, which have a much longer turn radius.


I was disappointed that the skis were not as stiff as I expected from the wood core construction and two layers of Titanium.  I am an aggressive skier, and I like my skis to be very stiff.  However I was pleasantly surprised that they are more manoeuvrable than my previous GS skis (Salomon 24 Hours), so I guess these are less specialized and more general purpose.


A little about me.  I am 42 years old, ski patroller, ex ski instructor and ex-racer (a long time ago).  I am 5’8” short and weight 160 lbs. I ski about 50 days a year.  Given my height, I hesitated between 169cm and 176cm.  I’m glad I picked the 176cm.  They are definitely not too long.


In conclusion, these are very nice skis, that will allow you to perform nice GS turns at high speed while still be enjoyable on more leisurely runs.


January 29 update:


I also purchased a pair of Atomic Race D2 GS skis in December, so now I can compare both. 


The Race D2 GS ski is the stiffer one and the one to use for super high speed on icy surface, it is just incredible at speed and has great edge hold.  It's a ski which begs you to use it aggressively, and you have to be in the mood for it and bend it otherwise it doesn't want to turn.


I find the Redster Edge GS more interesting for carving in groomed snow or hard surfaces as long as it's not pure ice.  It's more manoeuvrable, which is useful on the typically relatively narrow runs of the northeast.  I have bombed down the hill at high speed with them with great confidence.


Both skis sink like an anchor in powder (which is to be expected), so I will soon be on the market for a wider all mountain ski, but that's another story.


2013 Atomic Redster Edge GS Ski

PISTE ROCKER for on-piste skiers, who expect perfect edge-grip even in the hardest snow conditions. FACTS ELEMENT: RACE CHASSIS: PROTRAK BINDING OPTION: XTO 12 FEATURES TIP TO TAIL WOODCORE 2 LAYER TITANIUM

Lengths155, 162, 169, 176, 183
Dimensions155- 114/72/99, 162- 115/72/100.5, 169-116/72/102.5, 176-117/72/104, 183-118/72/105.5
Turn Radius16.4M @ 176
Core MaterialWoodcore
Binding SystemPlate
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended BindingXTO 12
Recommended useRace
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelExpert
Model Year2013
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Skis › Race Skis › 2013 Atomic Redster Edge GS Ski