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2012 Volkl RTM 84 Reviews


2013 Volkl RTM 84 171cm


Pros: Light weight, Easy turn initiation, Edge releases for quickly ski does not hook around, floats in crud

Cons: Price if bought at ski shop

I bought them used. They ski well with edges sharp tip to tail. They are not tiring, like my previous AC4 @ 176cm.   I ski front side groomed in the northeast.   I'm 68 , 5'8", 187 pounds.

RTM -- the "T" stands for Tank


Pros: Fast, stable, smooth, great on frontside, works in the back, a good one quiver ski

Cons: Not a lot of pop, a bit heavy.....

I bought these skis to replace a pair of AC20s, which were not a good purchase for me (and were sold for cheap to a guy for whom they will hopefully be better).   My skis for years were an Atomic Metron 9, which were tanks, and really heavy.  These skis remind me of those skis, except they're a bit lighter, a whole lot faster, and better on the backside than the shorter Metrons every could be.     I'm 5'-7", about 170 lbs, ski mostly in the east, with some western thrown in and I have these sticks in 176cm length.  I generally ski fast, especially on the front side, and have some difficulty in the backside on super steep, super bumpy, and these skis have...
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Volkl RTM 84


Pros: Good turn initiation, Stable at speed

Cons: None

I skied these at Killington on December19, 2012 from 9:00 am to noon.  I wanted to try the RTM 80s in the afternoon, but the Volkl rep packed up the demo tent and left.   The RTM 84s had good turn initiation, rode smoothly over ungroomed snow, and were stable at speed.  They were easy to get on edge, and I didn't notice anything negative about them.  I would probably have more to say if I had skied them for a longer period of time.   I would not have rated Durability or Value, or put in a price, but the Rating thing doesn't allow explanations.

Great ski


Pros: quickness, grip, stable

Cons: price

Skier:  Age: 42 Height: 6'0" Weight: 170 Years skiing: 35 Days/year: 20 Aggressive Home Mt: Crystal Mt. WA Preferred terrain: steep and deep   Ski tested 176 Days tested: 2 conditions: 12" powder, tracked powder over ice crust   This ski is incredibly easy to ski, maneuverable, and forgiving.  Transitions are effortless and very quick.  They make short work of bumps and trees, and they hold a good edge on ice if you lay them over.  Of course, they ride deeper down in the powder and consequently, they are may not smear as easily as other rockered skis.  But they want to make short-radius turns when you put them on edge, so...
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A friendly Volkl?


Pros: Smooth & Easy

Cons: Smooth & Easy, this IS a Volkl, right?

    Product: Length Tested: 171cm Dimensions/Turn Radius:   Camber:  Full Rocker, Binding: Suggested Mount point: Suggested    Environment & Conditions: Location of Test: Winter Park Number of Runs:2 Snow Conditions:Firm Demo or Own: Demo   Tester Info: Username: Philpug Age: 47 Height/Weight: 5'10" 185lb Ski Days/Season: 40-60 Years Skiing: 35 Aggressiveness: Moderate (Finesse)  Current Quiver: 12 Blizzard Bonafide, 12 DPS 112RP Pure, 12 Kastle MX88 Home Area: Squaw & Northstar Preferred Terrain: bumps, off-piste, trees   Review:   Smooth, easy, light, playful and VOLKL all...
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