Prefers the hardpack but useable in soft snow

A Review On: 2012 Volkl Kenja

2012 Volkl Kenja

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Edge Grip
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Pros: superior edge grip, stiff, full camber, likes speed

Cons: tricky to maneuver in moguls and trees

I'm 5'4" 125lbs and I ski these in the 163cm. I love their top sheet graphic, but will say I gave it a 4 out of 5 on durability because the rumors that the top sheet scratches / damages super easy, are very true. I've used my Kenja's about 14+ days these season and they are really beat up looking. But I still love this ski.


This is an all mountain 50/50 ski by Volkl and yes you can take it any and everywhere. I personally think it prefers the harder more groomed stuff after having used it almost all season. I love racing down the blacks on this and it does love to go fast. You do have to drive the ski though, but for someone very muscular in your legs like me (skiing since I was 10 and martial arts since I was 15), I like being able to drive and control my ski. If you sit in the backseat though it will spank you, so this isn't a ski for someone looking for an easy ride. 


So what I love about them, ie their full camber stiffness, on the groomers... is also their downside on moguls and in the soft powdery trees. Because they're so stiff, I find they require a lot of excessive power to turn and control them in trees and bumps. They will flow in the powder though as they do have a rather big shovel, but there are better skis out there for powder, and I did eventually end up making my quiver a 2-ski quiver... this + the Armada TSTw. I prefer to only the Kenja these in open powder on the trails, not tree powder where tighter turning is required.


My favorite aspect of this ski is how awesome of an edge it can hold when you dig in. It will cut through anything, ice, crud, etc. I always feel in control when I'm on these skis. Also the full camber is really nice when you get a little bit of air, it makes landing feel very solid and in control. 


Any day with no sign of snow softening later in the day, no fresh snow, and no powder, aka just hard pack, icy and crud conditions... I reach for these. They'll bust through whatever I throw them into.


I use Marker Squire bindings on my Kenjas. 



Tester Info:
Age: 26
Height/Weight: 5'4" 125 lbs
Average days on snow:  30~
Years Skiing:  12 
Aggressiveness: I love a good challenge!


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