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2012 Volkl Code Speedwall


Pros: light, firm and grippy. Separately adjustable fore and aft bindings for center alignment control.

Cons: Speedwall seems gimmicky, as does the "code" rating.


I'll preface this by saying that I'm writing this review because I can't really find anything else in depth about this model. Hopefully this will help some other people, since I couldn't find anywhere that demoed these skis either.


I needed replacement for my AC30s (the older ones which were the narrower model), and unfortunately the AC30 was discontinued! Since I do a lot of mogul skiing and have no problems carving, I wasn't really convinced that I should purchase a rockered ski, especially since I already have the powder department covered with my (176) Katana, which si already quite flat.


I've logged six days on these skis, both at the manmade stuff in Tahoe and on some heavier weight powder, slush and ice in Whistler. I can say that for a front side ski this was everything I was hoping for in a replacement for my AC30.


The shape is pretty similar to my older AC30s with the exception of being slightly wider front and underfoot, but not really enough to make a major difference. The flex is quite different though. The AC30s would flex pretty much evenly along its entire length, whereas the speedwall wants to only flex tip and tail -- the larger underfoot area is not very flexy at all. As a result it held its edge well during carving and provided plenty of power back. It is flexible enough in front that you can run them into the frontside of a mogul without a problem, and being quite a bit lighter than the AC30s worked quite a bit better.


I am definitely happy that these are pretty light compared to the AC30s. Another great thing about them is that the integrated binding is separately adjusted in the front and rear, so you can easily move foot mounting position fore and aft if you want. They definitely feel like default center mount is slightly forward, but it worked for me.


I don't really know what the deal is with this whole waxable sidewall, as the sidewall is not really a flat surface and doesn't look like normal smooth ptex. I don't really know how I would scrape the wax off of it (or even how to iron it) due to the sidewall not meeting the top aluminum sheet and the steel edges at the proper angle. Seems like an oversight, or maybe it's only meant for rub on wax…


Although obviously these are not designed to be great in the powder, they do seem to work a little bit better than the AC30s. I'll have to reserve my judgement on this though, as we haven't had any powder days in Tahoe yet this season, and Whistler's powder was not super deep. However I didn't really try a lot of tree skiing in them, as they really don't displace enough snow to give you edge control in those kinds of conditions (which should be obvious based on their dimensions).


Overall I've been very happy with them. They have a bit more chatter than the AC30s, but at the end of the day the weight savings is preferable.


Just some background information -- I'm 5' 6", 150 lbs. I have them in 171. I don't know what the whole deal is with the "code" is, but since I wanted to be able to do moguls in them I didn't want them too long so I didn't follow their suggestions in this regard.

2012 Volkl Code Speedwall

The Code Speedwall features a new shape, wider than a race ski for added versatility, and a deep sidecut for intense turns on the groomers. To smooth out the ride, we’ve added tip and tail rocker. The Code Speedwall gives good skiers a new level of performance on frontside, groomed conditions.

Turn RadiusConfidential
Constructiontip / tail rocker
Core Materialwood/metal
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended Binding
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2012
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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