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A Review On: 2012 Rossignol S7 Ski

2012 Rossignol S7 Ski

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Pros: Easy to turn on and off piste

Cons: Floppy on piste, especially at speed.

I had been meaning to buy a pair of these last season but we had a dearth of snow in the Alps.  This year has seen spectacular dumps of powder early season, lots of sun in mid-season and we're finishing out on yet more powder dumps. They came in at just over 800 dollars and mounted with marker griffon bindings.

For background:  I had only 11 weeks skiing up to 2009 (sking 168cm carvers mostly) but have skied the full three seasons (skiing almost every day) since then in Chamonix.  Beginning the first season on 174 scratchs, moving to a 178 S3 last season and to the 188 S7 this past season.


The S7 was a little daunting out of the box, both length and width.  A little less so placed on the snow.  But when you start to ski them for the first time they turn almost effortlessly on piste.  When you get to powder the extra length that was in the air on piste touches snow and just floats the ski which take off!  Easy as pie to turn in deep powder with only minimal unweighting required.  I've skied all the pistes (groomers) in Chamonix on these and, as has been mentioned elsewhere, at speed the front rocker wobbles about as it's making no ground contact.  It looks disconcerting but caused me no issue.  I presume the back rocker does it too but I never looked! 


Off-piste in the bowls and around the valley the ski shines in powder and is manageable in bumps though perhaps a bit long.


Overall I love them and rarely ski my S3s anymore.


Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Chamonix

Number of Runs: 100+

Snow Conditions: Deep fresh powder-frozen bumps and everything between

Demo or Own: own


Tester Info:


Age: 44

Height/Weight: 5'7" 182lb

Ski Days/Season:

Years Skiing: 12

Aggressiveness: Aggressive(Driver) 

Current Quiver:  S3, S7

Home Area: Chamonix

Preferred Terrain: off-piste, trees



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