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2012 PM Gear Lhasa Pow Ski


Pros: Everything, light weight, pow, groomers, just everything

Cons: Nothing, not a damn thing

I paid $650 for these because it was when Pat was experimenting with different carbon fiber layouts for the clear top sheets.  I picked up the less stiff 2 layer model, and I think they mostly do the stiffer 4 layer model now.  I have no complaints about the stiffness as a 5'8'' 150 lber.  Last year stunk, so I don't have a great review of what these are like in deep pow.  I only got 4" of fresh at most last year, but they were awesome in that, and supposedly only get better with more.  


In any case, while we were busy not getting any fresh snow, I couldn't stand to look at these sitting in the closet anymore, so I took them out on the groomers of Vail, and they blew my mind.  So much so that I only ski my other skis as a back up now.  I had some Icelantic Nomad SFT 181's before, and in powder thought they were too grabby at the wide tip in the tight trees in fresh snow, these aren't.  These lay down trenches on the groomers just as good as those skis even if they don't have the same amount of pop coming out of a turn, but I think that was related to the tips not being as grabby.  They are quicker from side to side, probably due to the weight.  I can't wait to get these things in the deep stuff.


They are super light, excessively quick turning for their size, and I just love them for so many reasons.  Made in the US of FKNA.  The new carbon top sheets are even better looking.  I mounted mine with Look Pivot 14's.  I only knocked a star off of value regarding the full price, but that's just because I'm cheap and have a hard time dropping $1100 on any pair of skis.  If you are going to do it for one pair, though, these would be a great choice.


I also own Icelantic Nomad 181 SFT's

Dynastar Legend 8000's

Rossi GS skis in a 181

2012 PM Gear Lhasa Pow Ski

The first true carbon/fiberglass rockered one-ski quiver has arrived. Weight: 4.3 lbs (1968 g) per ski. PM Gear’s new Lhasa Pow takes rocker and carbon fiber to the next level with the world's first full line of hybrid carbon fiber and fiberglass skis, making every condition on the mountain a piece of cake, every run a slice of heaven and every climb or skin lighter. The Lhasa Pow, a major player in the progression of ski design and rockered tips, is now made exclusively in a hybrid layup consisting of equal layers of fiberglass and carbon fiber, knocking down the rattle of pure carbon while bringing lightweight dampness and rebound to a world of heavy damped-to-dullness metal and fiberglass skis. PM Gear has transcended traditional ski construction by manufacturing all our skis this season with two full layers each of carbon fiber and fiberglass in every ski, bringing the weight of the 186 in at 4 lbs, 3 oz per ski. The Lhasa Pow has 3mm of positive camber, a semi-pintail design, with a progressively stiffer flex from tip to tail and a 34 meter sidecut on a 140-112-120 dimension for insanely enhanced all terrain transcendence in performance and weight. The Lhasa is your everyday go-to ski through the powder months, when it is coveted it for it’s shape-shifting characteristics through powder in the trees. On big, open slopes it carves every turn imaginable, stick big airs and dispenses slarvability on demand. When spring comes, you'll never put the Lhasa Pow away. On groomers and off-piste glop, it carves multi-radius turns in hardpack/crud/slush with unbelievable ease. Borne of a creative process that combined elements of design from every specialized quiver shape and construction out there, the Lhasa Pow is the powder specific carbon/glass ski that carves, slarves and rails in every condition the mountain deals. The Lhasa’s new bullet-nosed rockered tip shape planes powder and slices crust ahead of the ski like an icebreaker. This tip is more than the front end of the ski. It clears the path for the rest of the Lhasa's ample shovelprint through crud, crust, cake, deep powder and hardpack. The Lhasa Pow is the only true carbon fiber/glass hybrid ski made in America for the 10/11 season. Perfectly lightweight for people earning their turns, snappy for railing the hardpack. It will float you in the sidecountry and bring you back to the chair with the ease of a traditional ski. The carbon fiber/fiberglas construction is lighter and snappier, giving the ski all-around improved performance, especially for weight-conscious skinners and climbers. Whether alpine or tele, the Lhasa Pow comprises another stellar addition to our crossover quiver of slay-all skis.

Turn Radius
ConstructionFiberglass or Carbon Fiber Composite
Core MaterialWood
Binding System
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Use
Recommended Binding
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Additional Info
Model Year2009
Binding Type
Recommended use
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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