Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro

A Review On: 2012 Nordica  Fire Arrow 80 Pro

2012 Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro

Rated # 12 in Carving Skis
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Edge Grip
Mag-e Ski
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Pros: Stability, long turns

Cons: Short turns, adaptability

Ski: Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro
Dimensions: 132/80/115
Tested Length: 180
Turn Radius: 16 meters
Price w/binding: $1,199.95


The Good: Stability, long turns
The Bad: Short turns, adaptability


Verdict: A powerful ski with a tendency to want to run strong and fast, the Fire Arrow moves in one direction only—quickly down the hill. It is isn’t as versatile as other skis in this category, but makes a hell of a strong play in holding high-speed turns wherever it wants.


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