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2012 Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro


Pros: This ski performs well under all types of conditions. Great for an all-mountain (all-world) skier!

Cons: top sheet is a little slippery when wet

My first impression of this ski was right on! It's flashy cover and lightweight design performs like a race ski over all types of conditions. I would recommend this ski to the type of skier who:

1. enjoys skiing off-piste aggressively

2. can arc down steep terrain

3. who wants to up their level of skiing performance.

If you fit the above criteria then this is the ski for you! No "joeys" need apply.


Pros: Versatile, precise, unwavering

This was my go-to ski this past season.  I have about 40 days on them at this point and I have to say that this may be the best all-around ski that Nordica has ever built.  Eastern hardpack, powder, ice, crud, groomers, bumps - this ski loves it all and is surprisingly quick edge-to-edge for an 80mm waisted ski.  I skied it in a 170cm here on the East Coast, but if I was out West I'd ski it a bit longer.  Incredible product - thank you Nordica!


Pros: Stability, long turns

Cons: Short turns, adaptability

Ski: Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro
Dimensions: 132/80/115
Tested Length: 180
Turn Radius: 16 meters
Price w/binding: $1,199.95


The Good: Stability, long turns
The Bad: Short turns, adaptability


Verdict: A powerful ski with a tendency to want to run strong and fast, the Fire Arrow moves in one direction only—quickly down the hill. It is isn’t as versatile as other skis in this category, but makes a hell of a strong play in holding high-speed turns wherever it wants.


Pros: Handles most situations and slopes

Cons: Graphics - in the beginning



Length Tested: 172 cm

Dimensions/Turn Radius: 132-80-115cm/14,5 m

Camber : Traditional

Binding: Nordica system-binding N Pro 2S 

Mount point: Suggested @ boot centre

Environment & Conditions:

Location of Test: Oslo Winterpark

Number of Runs: 30 days, 400+ runs

Snow Conditions: From soft to ice, and a few crud days. Mostly man made snow.

Demo or Own: Own ( this years ski-school ski )


Tester Info:


Age:         49 

Height/Weight: 179 cm/74 kg

Ski Days/Season: 70+ ( this year hopefully around 120 )

Years Skiing:47

Aggressiveness: Aggressive(Driver)  

Current Quiver: Head SS Magnum 170cm 2011-2012, Dynastar Pro XXL 194cm 2010-2011, Nordica Fire Arrow 80 pro 172cm 2011-2012, Stöckli Stormrider offroad XL 194cm some year old, various other skis. 

Home Area: Oslo Winterpark

Preferred Terrain  : race course, groomers,  off-piste, trees



Price is converted from Norwegian SRP ( NOK 7.999) bindings included.

Nordica hype : Current or former racers and race enthusiasts who are seeking discipline specific shapes for Slalom or Giant Slalom skiing. Expert Level.


It took me a few runs to get used to these skis, they're very different from what I've skied up till now, and at 80 mm underfoot wider than last years school ski. A 132 mm shovel and a 115 mm almost twin-tip tail is very different from the SL and GS cheaters I've skied on earlier years. Edge to edge they're a little bit slower than e.g. my Head SS mags. The graphics took a little getting used to as well, now I like them and think they look great.


Grip is very good, on ice they need to be slowly put on edge, if I go too fast edge to edge they'll slip, but with a little patience they've held anything so far.


In the slopes that are open in Oslo I've been unable to find a speed limit, if that changes when the long, steep black opens I'll be sure to edit this review.


I've skied them in trees, they're fine there and they give more float than the meager 80 mm should suggest. In crud they plow through everything without problems, like a longer, wider and heavier ski.

They are easy to make short and long turns with, and if driven hard give a good pop from the tails, not quite like my Head's, but pretty close.

 I've not skied them in pow or bumps, so far we lack both this season, 12 cm is the most they've seen so far, and they handled greatly there.


I have only skied gates a few times with them, they're not like a FIS GS ski but handle gates also. Not timed runs, but my feeling is that they're faster than I expected.


This is all very subjective, of course, but those of us who ski these skis in my school agree that it's a ski that grows on you, and a very good ski for instructors. Nobody has disliked the Fire Arrow 80 pro, that is in itself remarkable.


Conclusion: A versatile skis that I like better the more I ski them. An excellent choice for an instructor. Might be a good choice for a one ski quiver depending on the conditions where you ski. Would I recommend them? Yes, after a day-long demo.


Pros: Versatile, quite stiff, handles all conditions so far. Forgiving for a ski that's supposedly an expert's ski


Cons: Apart from the graphics taking a little while getting used to I haven't come up with any cons so far, and that they must be edged carefully on ice ( as must many other skis ).


NOTE : When asking the importer what angles the ski is delivered with the answer was : Between 2,5 and 3 degrees side, and between ,5 and ,7 base. When setting the side edges I noticed that they were very uneven and I had to take off more metal than usual to get them uniform. My guess is that this can vary from pair to pair and maybe from ski to ski ( in a pair ).




Edit : They have a speed limit. When going fast it's noticeable that they aren't quite stiff enough for GS/SG turns at high speed ( about 80 km/h up ). It's still a very good and versatile ski.



2012 Nordica Fire Arrow 80 Pro

Nordica has brought THE FUN BACK TO THE FRONT SIDE. The Fire Arrow 80 Pro is a new combination of a modern front side sidecut shape paired with a versatile waist and a twin tip ski design. Nordica designed a ski that has the spirit of the young and exciting movement in skiing, but is the perfect product for front side skiers. THE FIRE ARROW 80 pro has 2 sheets of medal making it a snappy and yet forgiving ski. Sidecut: 132-80-115 Binding: N Pro 2S

Lengths156, 164, 172, 180
Dimensions 132-80-115
Turn Radius14.5M @ 172
Core Materialwood
Binding IncludedYes
Recommended BindingN Pro 2S
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeSystem
Recommended LevelAdvanced
Model Year2012
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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