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2012 Line Prophet 90 Ski


Pros: Quick in the bumps, smooth GS turns, power through crud and mush

Cons: Perfromance on ice is only fair

I have wanted these for several years but couldn't find them at what I considered to be a good price. I came to these after a pair of older (non-rocker) Vokl Bridge's that I found hard to maneuver. When I found these, I jumped and am not planning to look back.


About me:5' 9", 150 lbs, 55 year old male, expert but (being 55) not a lot of jumping or crazy stuff any more.  I ski the 172, which is perfect for me. These are my western ski - I know, you are thinking, only a 90??   90% of the time you get a little fresh snow or great corduroy or snowy bumps or tree skiing. These rock in all of these. If I knew I'd be getting serious dumps all the time I would go fatter.


Edge to edge transfer is amazing, and a stiff-ish tail make bump skiing great fun. The tail can be a little too much umph in the trees, but you get used to it quickly. If you ski slowly (Hey, I'm 55!) there is much less pop from the tail. Just be ready for it when you turn it on.


They also crank really nice GS turns, and you can go from short to long radius turns without thinking about it.


They handle crud and moderate powder (up to a foot) beautifully.  Full disclosure: I use to ski rock-hard Kastle's in powder so I don't need much help underfoot to succeed in powder. If you are a weak powder skier, and don't care as much about hardpack or quickness, the 98's might be better.


The skinny: If I were out there today looking for an everyday Western ski, these would still be a very strong contender.


No doubt in my mind that Line is making great boards.


Pros: Pretty much every thing

Cons: Almost non!

This is one awesome ski!  I am six foot, 160 lbs, and have the 179cm.  Absolutely sick.  Anybody worried about getting a ski 90mm+ only has to ski these sticks and they will be convinced.  Despite being this wide (i'm coming from 70mm rentals), they rail turns as well as anything.  And I mean rail.  It is really easy to confidently charge hard on this ski.  They also transition very well from long radius turns to shorter ones. Honestly, there is nothing I could complain about.


Well, there is one thing.  Sort of.  These skis have slight early rise in the tip, and nothing in the tail.  If you are looking to jump into the rocker revolution, this is not a skis that will give you a felling of full rocker.  The Blizzard Bushwhacker would be a better fit for anyone looking for a fully rockered ski.  But don't worry, the early rise is there and will help you in crud/pow.


Anyway, I have them mounted with Griffons.  I wouldn't go with the Jesters because they are just to heavy for a light ski like this.


Another great part of this ski is the stability.  It is really easy to BLAST through crudy snow without any worries.  Because of the early rise as opposed to full rocker, these skis don't chatter.  I wouldn't race in these, but they could certainly manage a GS course.


Final bits of advice: don't be worried with getting a ski this wide.  At first, you may feel that they go edge to edge a little slower than skinnier skis.  Don't worry, it is all part of the fun.  Also, the 179 is perfect for me.  Being and advanced skier, but on the lighter side, it seemed as if a 175 length would be nice.  With these skis, however, the dimensions become irrelevant, they are just all around beasts.







Pros: Does everything well

Cons: None yet...

I just spent a long weekend with my new Line Prophet 90s at Mad River Glen.  With the lack of snow this year and rain last Wednesday conditions were between firm and rock hard.  I skied Friday Saturday and Sunday.  Thursday Night there was a light dusting and Friday Night another 1~3 inches on the mountain.


The groomers were packed powder early in the day but as the day progressed much of it scraped off.  Keep in mind MRG does not allow snowboarders and the skiers generally tend to be more advanced there so the "PP" does last longer.  So most of the time I was skiing the hardpack but I did hit the woods/bumps ~20-30%.  I found some wind blown powder in the woods but the bumps were typical east coast; basically hard snowcones with crud on top and sometimes just plain ice.


I'm 6'0", 190lbs and would consider myself advanced intermediate to expert at Mad River Glen/Jay and Expert anywhere else.  The P90s in 179 were just perfect for me. They really are a go anywhere, do anything ski.  As I was carving hard GS turns at speed I simply could not believe I was skiing on a 90 under foot $550 ski.  At no time did the ski feel unstable or chatter.  They rode simply great on the hard stuff.


On some trails 4~6" of crud built up on the edges at the end of the day.  I was going from hardpack to the crud and blasting through with no effort.  To top it off, the P90s turned quick and were responsive on the bumps.  I can't wait for a powder day.  I would not hesitate to recommend these to an Advanced East Coast Skier looking for a single quiver ski.




2012 Line Prophet 90 Ski

Eight years ago when Line logos started appearing in made for ripping the groomed people dismissed us as being out of our element. To their surprise, we couldn't have been more in our element. While other companies were creating niche ski designs for Olympic racers, we we designing versatile skis for the everyday skier like you who was looking to have more fun. It is obvious today that that these skis were ahead of their time and the reason that the Prophet series are the best selling skis in our line and winners of some of the most distinguished awards in the industry. Believe in the Prophets. The completely redesigned Prophet 90 features a new Metal Matrix & Capwall construction along with early rise for extra float and effortless turn initiation on hardpack and all snow conditions. The is reliable power and stability with quick and playful agility that is years ahead of its time.

Lengths165cm, 172cm, 179cm, 186cm
Turn Radius17.7m @ 179cm
Core MaterialMetal Matrix Maple Macroblack
Binding SystemFlat
Binding IncludedNo
Recommended Binding
Recommended useGroomed
Binding TypeFlat
Model Year2012
Recommended Level
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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